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Chart of the Week: Handheld games still generate more ARPU than mobile

But mobile's base is far, far larger

Chart of the Week: Handheld games still generate more ARPU than mobile
However massive mobile gaming revenue may be, when it comes to the spending habits of individual users, there's no denying handheld has an advantage.

Namely because the RRP of handheld games tends to be far higher than for those on mobile and - given they're dedicated games devices - users tend to be more likely to buy games in the first place.

Perhaps the suggestion that handheld games still enjoy a far higher average revenue per user (ARPU) than those on mobile shouldn't be all to much of a surprise, then.

Swings and roundabouts

That's one of the findings from a a joint report on the future of mobile and portable gaming by App Annie and IDC.

Revenue per user on handhelds is actually rising, too, making PS Vita and 3DS – even with their respectively smaller userbases than mobile – an attractive bet for developers behind titles able to appeal to this niche.

In short, their smaller userbases doesn't mean there isn't still plenty of money to be made, according to App Annie and IDC.

The wider picture, however, is that mobile and tablets – in the report's own words – already boast a "far larger" audience of paying gamers in terms of sheer numbers, and both are growing "much faster" than handheld.

You can download the report for free here.

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