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Chart of the Week: 37% of top app publishers have already floated

Encouragement for King, Kabam and Rovio

Chart of the Week: 37% of top app publishers have already floated
You might think that given the performance of Zynga and Facebook's shares, tech IPOs have fallen out of favour.

That's not according to rumours from companies such as Rovio, Kabam and King, however, all of which are said to be exploring the possibility.

And if you take a global view - as demonstrated by App Annie - there are plenty of publicly-owned games companies who are currently performing very well.

Big cash

It's pointed out that of the top 100 publishers on the App Store and Google Play, 37 percent are already publicly-owned.

If you combine all those market capitalisations, the total comes out as a massive $949 billion, although that includes many companies for which app revenue is a minority of their overall sales.

Top of the list (see below) is Japanese outfit GungHo Online, which thanks to its highly illiquid shares, is now worth over $14 billion.

Larger and more stable companies such as EA, DeNA and GREE don't offer the same exaggerated P/E ratios.

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