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Chart of the Week: 7.3% of Danes have downloaded DragonVale

After 2 years, Backflip breaks out the infographic

Chart of the Week: 7.3% of Danes have downloaded DragonVale

A year ago, we put Backflip's DragonVale under our Charticle microscope.

Now, one year on, Backflip has created its own version of the Charticle; looking back at two years of the massively successful free-to-play title.

Of course, it's not been fully transparent.

There's no mention of how much money the game has generated, other than it's been in the US top 50 top grossing chart for 750 days.

The fact Hasbro bought 70 percent of Backflip for $112 million in cash during the summer provides its own measure of just how financially successful the game has been, however.

World of opportunity

Yet, in this context, it is significant Backflip lists total downloads at +25 million; not a huge number in the circumstances.

Clearly it has a very loyal and highly monetised audience; one that Backflip says is 48 percent male and 52 percent - another surprise given the assumption its cutesy graphics would skew female.

A final neat touch is the downloads per capita graphic.

As the maths demands, it's smaller countries such as Denmark (population 5.5 million) and Singapore (5 million) that have the highest percentage of downloads per capita.

Nevertheless, the download levels in Australia (population 22.5 million) and especially the US (310 million) impress more in terms of the absolute numbers.

You can see the complete infographic here.

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Damir Slogar
Per capita is not the same as %.
jon jordan
US population is 330 million so 3.1 percent is 10 million. But I guess they could be looking at percent of Americans who have a smartphone...
Damir Slogar
Hmmm... Infographic lists 25M downloads and 3.1% downloads per capita in US!?! Something is wrong with the math here.
And download numbers make sense if they hatched 600M dragons ?