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How Rovio’s growth stacks up against Mojang, King, and Supercell

Embattled birds

How Rovio’s growth stacks up against Mojang, King, and Supercell

Analyst eyes are on Rovio this week, after the Angry Birds creator announced that its 2013 profits were down 51 percent.

Such news was spun as part and parcel of a "foundation-building year", as CFO Herkko Soininen noted the pause in profits came "After three years of very strong growth".

But how has Rovio's past three years stacked up to some of its competitors in the mobile space?

Flying high?

The Wall Street Journal has compared Rovio's revenue against the likes of King, Supercell, and Mojang - each with one or more smash-hits currently available on a raft of devices - and the results show that Rovio hasn't exactly been flying high compared to its peers.

While the numbers above are quite telling, it's worth noting that Supercell (Clash of Clans, Hay Day) and Mojang (Minecraft) did not generate revenue in 2010 - their shared founding year - which makes their performance to date more impressive.

Still, Soininen notes that Rovio is already looking toward its next move as it gears up "for the future growing markets".

[source: Wall Street Journal]

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