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20% of US mobile users played a King game in May 2014

But the trend is downwards

20% of US mobile users played a King game in May 2014

Canadian mobile analytics outfit Mobidia has broken out some interesting game usage figures.

Although it's not said specifically how it generated them - probably via analysis through its popular My Data Manager app - it's reporting that 20 percent of US users in its network played a King game - likely Candy Crush Saga  - at least once during May.

That compares with around 13 percent for Zynga's games and 12 percent for Supercell's games.

King also drove more than twice the amount of aggregate gameplay minutes on Android, compared to Supercell and Zynga.

On the move

Yet, the trend for King is downwards.

Mobidia doesn't put a figure on that decline, but points out that while the aggregate time spent in King's games dropped steadily between January and May, Supercell saw a strong rise.

In part that will be to the release of Boom Beach, its third game, which has zoomed up the charts on iOS.

Still, taking a wider view on Mobidia's data, it's clear that time spent playing games isn't always the most important metric.

Japanese publisher GungHo Online ranks lowest of the six companies Mobidia details, although its Puzzle & Dragon s is the highest grossing mobile gaming globally, albeit mainly due to its audience in Japan.

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