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AppsFlyer crowns AppLovin as best iOS ad network based on 1-, 7- and 30-day retention

Facebook still rules for reach, however

AppsFlyer crowns AppLovin as best iOS ad network based on 1-, 7- and 30-day retention

In a move certain to generate controversy among some of the listed companies, mobile ad measure platform AppsFlyer has ranked the performance of the top mobile ad networks.

It tracked 50 million installs generated by paid advertising during February and March 2015.

On that basis, it's also generated some headline findings;

  • Video networks have a 130% higher overall retention rate compared to other networks in the index - 10% better than social networks and 17 % better than in-app networks.
  • iOS is better for retention that Android.
  • iOS has 26% higher retention for video networks, 28% higher for in-app networks, and 47% higher in social networks.
  • On average, the drop in retention across all networks between days 1-to-7 is 56%, while between days 7-to-30 it's 80%.

However, it's the direct ranking of 25 ad networks in terms of their 1-, 7- and 30-day retention on iOS and Android that's bound to cause some discussion.

On that basis, AppsFlyer reckons that AppLovin is the best ad network, although Facebook ranks #1 in terms of the quality and quantity of installs it can deliver on iOS and Android.

You can check out interactive graphs of AppsFlyer's findings using the following links.

Retention Index - iOS Games

Retention Index - iOS Games and Android Games

Or check out the full report here.

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