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Mobile games to be worth over $22 billion in 2015... maybe

Superdata makes a guess

Mobile games to be worth over $22 billion in 2015... maybe

How big is the mobile game industry? How long is a piece of string?

But, apparently, there are people who spend their time, tape measure in hand, dutifully measuring pieces of string.

At least, other people are prepared to pay them to do so - and hence, we assume - also believe their reports, of not only the lengths of today's string, but also how long string will be next year and so on.

Yes, to mix a metaphor, they are paying for old rope, but that old rope is dressed in pretty graphics like the ones below, so we're letting you know about them.

This big

Today it's those string measurers at Superdata who are reporting back, by which we mean selling a report on the size of the various parts of the games industry.

Looking at a prediction for 2015, Superdata reckons that mobile gaming will be the largest single segment at $22.3 billion - that's up from $21.4 billion in 2014.

Not all market analysts agree, however.

Rival Newzoo says the mobile game industry will be worth $30 billion in 2015, although over the years it has also suggested values ranging from $20.1 billion to $30.3 billion.

Meanwhile, Superdata's crystal ball stretches through to 2018, when it thinks mobile games will be worth $24.8 billion - still the biggest single sector. 

You can find out more details here.

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