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What's the moral of Trump's Wall: Build it Huuge?

Build him up or tear him down?

What's the moral of Trump's Wall: Build it Huuge?

Trump's Wall; Build it Huuge is a mobile game with a very specific agenda: it unapologetically mocks US presidential candidate-in-waiting Donald Trump's rhetoric about building a wall between the US and Mexico, .

After all, you are trying to erect a wall to keep ducks from defecating on Trump's house - what looks like a torn-down version of the White House sited in the desert.

Sitting at the top of the crane, Trump spouts some of his most famous one-liners, as you pile blocks one on top of the other, trying to build a wall as high as you can and best your high score before a block finally falls to the ground and it's game over.

(Actually, in an example of what not to do, at this point, the game automatically opens a video ad. Maybe billionaire Trump would approve.)

Dump the Trump

In this way, the game is an overt criticism of Trump's figure and policies, which works better because of its small scale - just like a comic strip on the first pages of a newspaper.

The game is simple enough that it succeeds in presenting the implausibility of building a wall across the US-Mexican border.

You could also say the game makers are more directly also criticising the stability of Trump's values, touting their inevitable collapse physically, as they are represented by blocks with notable 'Trumpisms' written on them, such as 'Make America great again'.

Or could you?

Up the Trump

The problem with games as a form of political criticism is you've never quite sure.

It's hard to see how Trump's Wall; Build it Huuge could be an endorsement of the man and his values, but maybe every time we play it, we're somehow supporting Trump.

The problem with games as a form of political criticism is you've never quite sure.

Certainly every time we view an advert, the game makers are making money, and who knows what they're doing with it?

More worryingly, perhaps, even if the point of the game is to criticise Trump, some players are misreading the message.

Maybe some players are playing the game and growing in their regard for Trump. After all, Trump is an icon, and everything associated with him seems to help build up his persona.

Indeed, the counter argument is the only rational way to deal with Trump is to utterly ignore him because attempting to make fun of such a ridiculous character can only build his standing.

And that's the dichotomy of Trump's Wall; Build it Huuge.

For some people, it demonstrates the utter stupidity of trying to build a wall across the southern US-Mexico border.

But for others, the very attempt to build the wall is the attempt to make America great again.

Still, with our mobile games business hats on, we'd just hope the developers make enough money to learn that you shouldn't run landscape video ads in a portrait game.


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