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Native advertising is here to stay

More subtle and adjustable than conventional ads

Native advertising is here to stay

Native advertising has found its way onto mobile devices at a startling pace, arriving at a moment when social media platforms already offered seemingly endless advertising possibilities.

Facebook, Twitter, and, as of recently, Instagram are now the masters of ads that blend seamlessly into the natural content.

The term "native" perfectly encapsulates this coherence of content with the surrounding media and design.

And ads that not only match the visual design of the content, but which function in a way that is consistent with the user experience are ultimately much more valuable to the advertiser.

That's why we at Pocket Media are confident that native advertising is here to stay.

Native ads are more subtle and adjustable to their surroundings, compared to the more conventional ad units which can often be perceived as interruptive and intrusive.

With a native ad, the user actively chooses to interact instead of being overwhelmed and forced to click. The user decides, not the advertiser.

And when the user interacts, it’s a considered, thoughtful act, which benefits both users and advertisers alike.

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With a native ad, the user actively chooses to interact instead of being overwhelmed and forced to click.

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