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What the MoGI Group's gaming services can do for you

Insight into the multilingual award-winning services company

What the MoGI Group's gaming services can do for you

MoGi Group is a multilingual award-winning gaming services company with offices located throughout Europe.

Our services include localization, player support, community management, voice-overs, testing and age rating consultancy.

Our teams of talented, experienced linguists, dedicated community managers, passionate player support agents and gifted voice-over artists are exclusively made up of native speakers to ensure the highest standards.

We work in over 40 languages, offering comprehensive services for developers and publishers looking to reach, maintain and interact with international markets.

Watch a short video about our services here.

What do we do?

Localization: Our teams of translators localize an average of 40 million gaming words per year. A combination of linguistic expertise, passionate knowledge for gaming and efficient use of state of the art, innovative technology has enabled us to streamline our processes, providing fast results whilst maintaining extremely high standards.

From the biggest MMOs to intricate, detailed quests on a PC, not to mention casual social games and mobile apps, our language teams have the skill, experience and dedication to take your game to global audiences, no matter the platform, no matter the genre.

Why Should You Choose MoGi for localization?
Our localization fingerprints can be found on titles from the likes of Telltale Games, InnoGames, Youzu, and a whole lot more besides! Our clients regularly receive positive feedback from the most important judges – the players themselves.

As the popularity of mobile games has exploded, so has the necessity for accurate, efficient localization to work with the considerably smaller screen space.

In modern gaming, localization is a necessity and nobody does it better than MoGi Group.

Customer Support: International games need multilingual player support to back them up. As passionate gamers themselves, our player support teams know better than anyone the frustrations and disappointment when a game doesn’t work as expected.

This empathy, along with comprehensive experience with various ticket software and player support tools, gives our teams a unique insight and ability to efficiently solve problems and manage ticket queues.

The disposable nature of mobile apps and games – four out of five are deleted after being played just once – makes effective player support more important than ever.

Our agents can provide fully flexible support and reporting across a range of channels and platforms. Our abilities in this area has seen us provide customer support for the likes of NCSoft, Daum Games and Epic Games, to name just a few!

What Can MoGi do for Your Customer Support?
We also understand that player support requirements change over time, which is why we offer fully flexible, individually tailored solutions that can be scaled up or down according to needs as the project progresses.

Whether you are looking for an expert team to manage existing player support systems or someone to initiate, implement and oversee a comprehensive player support package, MoGi Group has the answer for both you and your players.

Community Management: Your game’s standing within its community is everything. Players are the greatest advocates – and critics – of any game.

MoGi Group’s dedicated community managers are well versed in the importance of positive engagement and interaction with game players.

Wherever members of your community are – fan sites, social media pages, forums, online comment sections – our managers will be there too, monitoring the discussions, responding where necessary and driving interaction through engaging posts, competitions, news and media.

The use of native speakers enables us to be an active community management partner, offering advice and insight regarding the nature of different communities around the world and how the style and approach of management should be tailored to reflect these differences.

Voice-over Services: The best games require top-quality audio to match the visual magic on the screen. MoGi Group provides voice-over recordings in all European languages, as well as US English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, among others, offering a range of samples for you to choose from before proceeding with the process.

Our audio services are not limited to voice-overs either. We offer a range of post-production solutions, including voice and sound effects, soundtracks, dubbing new languages onto existing assets and timing to picture services. All of which will help make your game sound every bit as good as it looks.

Testing: Localization testing is essential for any video game, but it is particularly important for mobile games, given the restrictive screen space.

As well as bug checks, our stringent testing processes ensure the localization makes sense in the context of the game, is culturally accurate and relevant for the target audience and that the text fits in the designated space, leaving your game ready for an international release.

So, if you’re searching for a comprehensive game services supplier, congratulations, the search is over! Find out more about our services or get in touch through regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.