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Drive mobile app traffic with app store optimisation

How good ASO can boost your downloads and revenue

Drive mobile app traffic with app store optimisation

A key aspect of getting your game or app discovered on mobile marketplaces is the art of app store optimisation.

This is a way to get users to your page for free or at little cost with services providers such as AppCPI.

Using the right keywords in your description, game title and tags can help put your game in front of users by pushing it up the app store search rankings

This is all based on what consumers are going to type into the search bar on the app store. The more popular the term and relevant to your app the keywords are, the more app store page visits you stand to get.

And ultimately from this, you stand to get more of those all important downloads.

With paid user acquisition costs rising substantially over the years, a trajectory that is continuing upwards, it’s important to ensure you’re making the most out of ASO to reduce that cost.

AppCPI offers to do these services for developers on the App Store in order to best maximise your listing’s effectiveness.

It aims to help drive traffic through the right keywords - ones that garner that high search volume and are the most relevant to your app - in order to reach the users you want to find on the App Store. AppCPI also helps with top chart rank optimisation too.

By helping drive these installs and moving games up the charts, AppCPI says it can deliver even more eyes to your game page.

It has helped large mobile games publishers and small start-ups with soft launches and full releases in a number of countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and US, to name just a few.

The company’s services are available to app and games developers and publishers all over the world.

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