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MoGi Group brings a new level of quality to quality assurance

The global QA specialist details its expansive offering

MoGi Group brings a new level of quality to quality assurance

In an industry that only grows more competitive each year, making the most addictive, engaging and aesthetically pleasing games is often no longer enough to sustain a strong, healthy community and keep players coming back year after year.

With players becoming more and more discerning in what they want to see in their games and competition skyrocketing, developers and publishers have more to think about than making the best games.

They must consider the most reliable way to keep their IPs and players safe in the digital space. They must be sure that all international versions of their games are clear and accurate in each language they’re released in.

And most importantly, they must be active not only in supporting and engaging with their players and communities but putting them first when it comes to the game creation process too.

For over a decade, MoGi Group has been innovating in the field of gaming quality assurance services and knows just how to help developers and publishers carefully approach each aspect of quality assurance; from the moment a game is born as a concept all the way to the months (and even years!) after it’s been released.

Putting the ‘quality’ in quality assurance

MoGi Group has earned its reputation by offering a suite of fully flexible, interactive quality assurance services to some of the most well-known names and games in the industry.

From cutting-edge penetration and cybersecurity testing and localisation testing techniques and practices to proactive player support and focus testing in any language combination, MoGi Group’s outstanding QA services are designed to put the player and the gaming experience – and the security of each – first.

The QA experts at MoGi Group know that the gaming experience is about far more than just picking up a controller and playing, just like quality assurance is about more than providing a closed-ended, restrictive service.

That’s why MoGi Group focuses on building long-term partnerships based on constructive mutual feedback loops and advice and consultancy forged from enduring experience and knowledge of the games industry. With over 650 clients globally, MoGi operates at a non-stop, global pace.

Its QA teams are based all across the world in an effort to meet and exceed its partners’ expectations, creating custom gaming solutions and reaching past all language barriers and time zones.

Not only customisable but interactive!

Not only are MoGi Group’s quality assurance services fully customisable to the unique needs and requirements of each new game it works on, but they can also be designed to work in tandem with one another, creating bespoke service solutions that engage and interact.

One such example of this is MoGi Group’s pioneering situational penetration testing technique – a marriage of its player support and cybersecurity services.

As part of this industry-leading concept, MoGi Group’s cybersecurity teams, based on real player feedback reported to its player support department, hunt for bugs and tricky injection points in-game in real-time to prevent players exploiting the game or each other and keeping the valuable IP safe online.

Equally, MoGi Group’s decades of combined experience in localisation across all platforms inform the linguistic quality and cultural accuracy of player support practices and community management engagement activity and targeted content creation.

Coming soon…

The renowned service provider has also recently announced the expansion of its localisation testing and quality assurance facilities in Dublin, Ireland.

The expansion is primarily aimed at boosting the capacity and scale of its quality assurance services and creating a high-security environment for games of any format or platform to be tested.

This new expansion will allow MoGi Group to cater for more partners than ever before and provide the top-notch quality assurance services it has become known for at a far higher operational capacity. The expansion is set to be operational by the first quarter of 2019.

Get in touch with MoGi Group today to find out how its customisable quality assurance services can help boost your games’ security and engagement.

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