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How to succeed in Iran on Cafe Bazaar

A partnership with Bazaar can easily put products within a finger’s reach of 40 million consumers

How to succeed in Iran on Cafe Bazaar

With the Chinese government’s new regulatory regime restraining the growth of the indigenous games industry, it is vital for Chinese developers to seek new markets and look towards global brand development to guarantee that their products reach their full potential.

Mobile game revenue is driven by emerging markets and Iran could be one of the top destinations for distributing your game in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

According to market intelligence firm Newzoo, its revenue ranks third, right before UAE and Egypt, making it a great destination in this area.

Bazaar, an alternative app store

Due to the data-driven nature of the curated content on the Bazaar app store, games receive the exposure they need. Creative promotions, planned by the editors, ensure significant and repeated exposure for high-quality games.

Our success stories show, due to this visibility, at times a game makes a great proportion of its total world revenue, around 90 per cent, on Bazaar.

Bazaar also ranks among the top 10 app stores when it comes to revenue for some of the companies that have considered it as an additional distribution channel. Furthermore, the cost of user acquisition is a fraction of the world standard, around $0.2.

Taking advantage of local publishers

When contemplating the question of how to distribute a game in an exotic destination, it is crucial to make an informed plan for how to proceed with market expansion.

With the app store revolution in China, the merits of working with alternative app stores are well known. What makes the Iran market so easily accessible is the fact that it is mainly retained by a couple of entities, with Bazaar owning 85 per cent of market share.

This stands in sharp contrast to the highly fragmented markets seen in most countries, including China. A partnership with Bazaar can easily put products within a finger’s reach of 40 million consumers, and even more, can be done to ensure maximum profitability.

Two ways to ensure optimal user engagements are localisation and connection to world servers. The prior means that the users are competing against the strongest users from all over the world, increasing their overall performance and enjoyment.

In order to reach all users that could be interested in your game, besides the app store promotion, you can take advantage of the search advertisement feature which targets users for your applications at a fraction of the cost of other advertisement methods.

Localisation helps guarantee a positive user experience by removing irritants like the language barrier. Drawing on our know-how, game revenues have increased by up to 130 per cent upon localisation.

Local publishers can access market knowledge, language expertise, proven communications strategies and serve as a local partner working to ensure strong user experience and a successful market presence for international firms.

Publishers offer localisation, customer support, and at times technical support. One of the publishers verified by Bazaar has developed a payment wrapper and implemented it successfully, making the store payment integration practically effortless.

Working with Bazaar, international firms can find local publishers that will make sure the developer’s needs are attended to and that their specifications are met.

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