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MoGi Group dramatically upscales digital development and tech capabilities

MoGi Group has greatly expanded its tool development arsenal recently with a string of newly planned software releases and initiatives aimed at solidifying the brand as a leading light in next-generation video game services technology.

MoGi Group dramatically upscales digital development and tech capabilities

Over a decade’s experience in supporting games from mobile and indie titles to chart-smashing triple-A hits has allowed award-winning video games service provider MoGi Group to establish itself at the forefront of its industry.

Honing its specialist knowledge and expertise, the company has set in motion plans for a massive expansion of its software development services, aiming to reshape how it does business in an industry increasingly defined by its cutting-edge approach to innovation and technology.

MoGi Group’s focus since its inception in 2007 has been on providing expert services to video games developers and publishers with an emphasis on flexibility and quality.

Its comprehensive service solutions packages including player support, community management, localisation and translation, game art design, cybersecurity and penetration testing, compliance testing, tool development, voice-over recording, and more have proven to be invaluable to over 650 gaming industry publishers and developers worldwide.

Over the last 18 months, MoGi Group has doubled down on its efforts to develop and premiere the next generation of video game services software and technology.

This bold new initiative promises to bear fruit in 2019, with a range of new projects taking shape in MoGi Group’s cyber and development division.

Intelligent project management tool

Drawing upon its years of experience overseeing multifaceted and high-stakes gaming projects, MoGi Group is also developing a smart project management tool crafted specifically to tackle the shortcomings inherent in existing project management technology.

Molded directly to the unique contours of the video game localisation industry, this next-generation software will streamline internal practices governing localisation projects while automating processes to afford studios and developers with the fastest and most cost-effective service on offer.

Contextual localisation

Continuing the trend of bucking the status quo and imagining the industry in which it operates as it should be, not as it happens to be, MoGi Group is the first company in its field to embark upon the task of designing a tool that will add contextualisation to otherwise standalone text strings.

Smart software will assign each string an image or screenshot from the game itself to help break down linguistic and cultural barriers to seamless localisation and give each translation expert a thorough understanding and awareness of the material they’re working with.

The software will sift through game code to link strings to images so as to furnish agents with the highest level of information possible and ensure sterling fidelity and accuracy across all languages.

Bug bounty platform

Finally, MoGi Group will also look to turn the industry on its head in what is perhaps its most ambitious and exciting new project – offering bounties to hackers and cheaters who actively seek out exploits and vulnerabilities within existing game code.

In tandem with partners of the program, MoGi Group will offer a platform for games developers and publishers to pay hackers for reporting on exploits and vulnerabilities that can cost the video game industry up to $1 billion in lost revenue annually. MoGi Group is currently the only company in the video games industry to offer this approach to cybersecurity, a method already tried and tested in other sectors of the tech industry.

MoGi Group is supporting its bold new efforts in tool development and cybersecurity by hiring a raft of new programmers, coders and software developers. The company has enjoyed a short hiring spree in recent months as it has also steadily expanded its community management and player support teams.

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