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Android rules in US badland states

Places they don't like pinko liberal iPhones

Android rules in US badland states
Wide open spaces, cattle ranching, pickups trucks and smartphones that run the Android operating systems; according to mobile entertainment company Myxer, they're all synonymous.

Its January 2010 survey of trends, tracking users of its services, shows in graphic form the state by state breakdown in the battle between Apple and Android for the heart of American consumers.

Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming are all gunning (literally perhaps) for Android.

Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, South Carolina and Virginia are tied, while the rest of 50 states are iPhone friendly.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised though, as the locations that Android is more popular are, for one thing, less wealthy and populated, and more likely to buy traditional mobile brands such as Motorola's Droid (the #1 Android phone in the US), rather than a phone from a liberal west coast computer company.

Almost all of the Android states were also Republican in the 2008 presidential election.

Maybe more interesting though is Myxer says on every Android handset it tracks, the average woman downloads more mobile entertainment than the average man.

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