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Android gamers worth $1.90 per month compared to $4 for iPhone

Android gamers worth $1.90 per month compared to $4 for iPhone
Perhaps best filed under conventional wisdom, nevertheless, Mobclix's analysis of the different spending patterns of iPhone and Android users - as revealed on Business Insider - puts numbers on that gut feeling.

When it comes to games, an iPhone player is worth more than twice as much as an Android player.

The research was carried out by Mobclix, which looked at a basket of 50 apps, each of which had to have 500,000 downloads or 75,000 active users; an active user being someone who plays with the app at least three times a week.

Do the math

Reasons for the differences are that ad rates are higher on iPhone and its users are more engaged with their apps. Of course, the other issue is that the Android Market is still weak when it comes to monetisation options.

Also, it's interesting that Mobclix seems to have just looked at iPhone users, rather than including iPod touch users, who are likely to be harder to monetise. 

Still, if Android's install base keeps growing fast, there could be an opportunity for developers to earn similar amounts from each platform, if only because there will be twice as many Android as iPhone users.

[source: Business Insider]
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