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Kindle Fire owners 29% more likely to shop through, reckons ChangeWave

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Kindle Fire owners 29% more likely to shop through, reckons ChangeWave
The results of a ChangeWave survey conducted in North America shows that of the current Kindle Fire owners, 29 percent intend to do more of their shopping through the online retailer Amazon, over the next 90 days.

Of the 2,600 respondents to its January survey, 6 percent (or 156) were Kindle Fire owners, double the number from a month previous.

Of those 6 percent, just over half, 54 percent, were 'very satisfied' with the device, while 34 percent said they were 'somewhat satisfied'.

Obviously, the fact that this was a self-selecting survey means little of statistic importance can be taken from the results. 

Are you not entertained?!

The question of whether or not consumers were satisfied with their new Kindle Fire device compares favourably when compared with most other tablet devices, though still sits some way short of Apple's more expensive iPad.

74 percent of iPad users said they were 'very satisfied' with their purchase, while other tablet devices collectively managed a 49 percent share of 'very satisfied' customers.

In terms of positive and negative factors of the Kindle Fire, by far the most liked elements was, unsurprisingly, the price, with 59 percent of respondents signalling it as the best feature of the device.

The colour screen (31 percent) and ease of use (27 percent) came second and third respectively.

The most disliked feature of the device was its lack of a volume adjuster, with 27 percent. 21 percent were disappointed with the device's lack of a camera, while 15 percent showed most concerned over its poor battery life.

[source: ChangeWave Research]

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