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Windows Phone attracts more 'whales' than iOS and Android

Users happy to spend

Windows Phone attracts more 'whales' than iOS and Android

Windows Phone users spend more money in play than iOS and Android players and are more likely to become 'whales'.

That's the conclusion drawn by video game research firm EEDAR, which in its latest sutdy claims Microsoft's platform attracts a far smaller proportion of non-playing players than either Apple or Google's respective platforms.

Gone fishin'

Whales – defined by EEDAR as players who spend more than $25 per month in-game – make up 9 percent of Windows Phone's playerbase.

That compares favourably to the 3 percent boasted by both iOS and Android.

EEDAR also claims a higher proportion of Windows Phone users are 'dolphins' - spending between $5 and $24.99 per month - making up 28 percent of players on Windows Phone, compared to 19 percent on iOS and 15 percent on Android.

And while iOS may have its rivals beat when it comes to 'minnows', Windows Phone can boast by far the lowest proportion of non-paying players – just 21 percent, compared to 26 percent on iOS and 45 percent on Android.

Graph showing the proportion of non-paying players, minnows, dolphins, whales and killer whales on Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Source: EEDAR

Size of the pond

Of course, monetisation rates aren't everything, and EEDAR's report notes that there's a "stark difference in terms of audience size" that must be taken into account when comparing platforms.

However, for some developers at least, the high monetisation rates observed on Windows Phone offer a real opportunity.

"Ultimately it depends on the target audience. Does your game rely on a larger, casual fan base? Or would it monetise better in an environment with fewer competitors and consumers who are more willing to spend?"


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