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Tight at the top: Samsung fast chasing down iPhone's lead in UK

Plus, Windows Phone begins fightback

Tight at the top: Samsung fast chasing down iPhone's lead in UK
With smartphone adoption on the rise across the EU5 – Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the UK – comScore claims iPhone's time at the top may be coming to an end.

The firm's latest report - which looks at mobile penetration across the continent - claim's Samsung's smartphone share has more than doubled in the UK during the last 12 months, settling in just 4 percent behind Apple at the top of the table.

Two horse race

In all, comScore claims Apple has 8.6 million users across the UK – equal to a 28 percent share – and itself has enjoyed a rise in its hand, up 1.5 percentage points during the last 12 months.

At this pace, however, Samsung should eclipse Apple's share at some point during 2013, with the Korean giant currently boasting a 24 percent share.

Despite an overal 14.2 percent rise in smartphone penetration in the UK, however, the other three manufacturers in the top five have all lost share – Nokia's hand halving during the last 12 months – with only Apple and Samsung driving the market forward.

Turning it around

Nokia's dramatic share fall, however, comes just as Microsoft's Windows Phone begins to make its mark.

It appears the launch of Windows Phone 8 has had an impact on the Redmond giant's overall share, which jumped by half a percent between October 2011 and October 2012.

Android remains leaps and bounds ahead, however, with Google's share rising by a whopping 12.4 percent to 46.6 percent during the 12 month period.

[source: comScore]

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