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Puzzle & Dragons and Candy Crush Saga rule the global charts in March

Cross-platform approach pays off big time

Puzzle & Dragons and Candy Crush Saga rule the global charts in March
When it comes to the top grossing charts, March 2013 was business as usual.

At least that's according to app store intelligence company App Annie.

It's been crunching the numbers from Google Play and the App Store to work out which games and companies were performing the best.

Top of the tops

Sadly it doesn't (yet) uses its numbers to provide global chart combining both Google Play and App Store, but from the individual charts, some conclusions are clear.

Most obvious is that Gungho Online's Puzzle & Dragons is the world's top grossing game, as it's the top grossing game on both Google Play and the App Store.

And King's Candy Crush Saga is highly likely to the world's #2 top grossing game.

It's #4 on the Google Play chart and #3 on the App Store chart.

Not quite King

Of course, when it comes to companies, things are a little more tricky.

Gungho Online will be the #1 top grossing company, of course, but as Clash of Clans is #2 top grossing on the App Store and Hay Day is #4, Supercell is likely to be ahead of King.

What's equally significant, however, is that when we look at all four top 5 charts, there's little movement.

Indeed, the top 5 positions for games and companies on the App Store are exactly the same as in February.

You can see App Annie's full analysis, including top 10 lists and breakdown of the most downloaded games via its website.
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