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Paying off: Paying mobile gamers in US now spending more than ever

Average revenue per user hits $12 a month

Paying off: Paying mobile gamers in US now spending more than ever
Paying players in the US now spend more on mobile games every month than they ever have done in the industry's history.

That's according to SuperData Research, which – in its most recent data – notes that, while overall spending on mobile fell across the month of April, the average amount individual paying gamers are spending broke through the $12 barrier for the first time.

Free for all

Said milestone, of course, only really matters to the game's that directly benefited from this apparent spending spree.

Mobage's Marvel: War of Heroes broke into the top three grossing titles for the month, replacing EA's tongue-in-cheek city builder The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

King's Candy Crush Saga also finally managed to displace Supercell's seemingly unstoppable Clash of Clans.

Elsewhere, the social games category followed a similar trajectory to the mobile games market. Despite a continued decrease in spending and a loss of a reported 2.7 million monthly active users, the average revenue per monthly paying players for social games actually increased to $33.

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