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iPhone now accounts for 4 out of every 10 smartphones in the US

But Android still in charge, says comScore

iPhone now accounts for 4 out of every 10 smartphones in the US
The latest numbers for the US market published by comScore depict a region dominated by two forces - Apple and Google - just as it has been for some time.

The firm's sweep of smartphone subscriber market share for the months January to April 2013 peg Apple's iPhone as the top handset, with a near 40 percent share of the market.

That's also up 1.4 percentage points, making Apple the fastest growing OEM within the top five, despite already being top dog.

However, despite iPhone being the top handset, Android remains the most popular operating system, with a 52 percent share of the market.

Tighter at the top

Indeed, comparing that to Samsung's 22 percent share of the handset market suggests that the Korean giant isn't quite as dominant within the Android scene as previously suggested.

That's despite the fact that all three of its main rivals on Google's OS (HTC, Motorola and LG) lost share during the three month period.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 acts as Android's flagship

As a result, iOS is actually gaining ground on Android, with Google's share down 0.3 percentage point compared to Apple's aforementioned 1.4 percentage point rise.

Interesting, comScore's figures offer a somewhat different take to recent numbers released by Kantar Worldpanel when it comes to judging which platform has snapped up third spot.

While Kantar claimed Windows Phone boasts a 5.6 percent share, comScore has the platform somewhat further behind on 3 percent, with BlackBerry on the slide but holding third spot with a 5.1 percent share.

[source: comScore]

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