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Google Play brings in 25 percent more downloads than the App Store

But iOS still rakes in twice as much revenue

Google Play brings in 25 percent more downloads than the App Store

Building on its dominant userbase, research suggests lead Android marketplace Google Play amassed 25 percent more app downloads than the App Store during the last quarter.

The numbers, detailed by analytics specialist App Annie, suggest that downloads on Google Play are outpacing Apple's store in part due to growth in emerging markets such as Brazil, Argentina and India.

That's despite a userbase boost for iOS in the likes of China and Russia.

As always though, it's the money that matters, and though Google Play managed to trump the App Store in terms of pure downloads, it is still some way behind when it comes to revenue.

Eastern promises

The App Store managed to generate 2.1 times more revenue than Google Play in Q3 2013, though of note is the fact App Annie claims that's down from the same period last year, when iOS revenue was 2.3 times higher.

Google's growth will serve as extra motivation for Apple's intended expansion in the east, with China now the third highest grossing country on the App Store.

As a result, the US, Japan, and China are now the top three countries in terms of downloads, and revenue on the App Store.

That's good news for Apple, which has been open about its intentions to make a market in China, with both iPhone 5s and 5C launching in China on the same day as the US and other major markets - forgoing their usual three-month delay period.

Top of the pile

Delving further into the detail, App Annie's report suggests games are still king when it comes to downloads, with the Games category accounting for 40 percent of downloads on both the App Store, and Google Play.

Unsurprisingly, it follows that games also dominate the revenue streams on both stores, with the category accounting for 80 percent of revenue on Google Play, and 70 percent of revenue on the App Store - a figure that's dropped by 5 percent since Q2.

Educational apps continue to make headway on the App Store, climbing into the Top 5 grossing categories in Q3, however it's safe to say that games will be bringing home the bacon for the foreseeable future.

[Source: App Annie]

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