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The gender gap: Women click, convert and spend more on mobile ads

And Android tops iOS

The gender gap: Women click, convert and spend more on mobile ads

Studies may suggest male gamers still play more than their female counterparts, but if a new report from app recommendation specialist AppLovin is to be believed, women are more likely to interact with mobile ads than men.

On both iOS and Android, women click-through at a greater rate than men, convert at a greater rate than men, and deliver purchases from those ads at a greater rate than men.

Indeed, when it comes to average purchase size, AppLovin says women on iPhone come in above $20, women on Android are just under $20.

In comparison, men on iPhone are just over $15, and men on Android are under $15.

Free for all

The results of its study, AppLovin suggests, suggest that the abundance of free, ad-supported apps and games on Android means the platform's users are “more conditioned to accept ads and are more responsive to them.”

The company continues, “So, Android users, both male and female, are historically accustomed to seeing more popular apps with ads, but perhaps are less inclined to pay for the items being advertised.

“iOS users, on the other hand, may be less conditioned for ad supported apps, but when they click they are more inclined to buy.

"Some reports even position Apple users as spending as much as 4x Android users. So iOS users might be more prudent in their engagement with ads, but when they do engage, they are ready to buy.”

On gender, AppLovin's position is that the gap between women and men – consistent across both platforms – may be down to app “loyalty”, with women tending to stick by the same apps rather than move on.

And maybe that's something seen the impressive performance of female-friendly games like Glu's Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

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