Ludei raises $1.5 million to accelerate its HTML5 vision

Says with WebGL, standard is ready for primetime

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June 26th, 2013 investment Kibo Ventures
Ludei raises $1.5 million to accelerate its HTML5 vision
HTML5 is alive and kicking.

That's the message from US/Spanish outfit Ludei, which has just closed a $1.5 million early stage funding round.

Spanish venture capitalists Kibo Ventures and Vitamina K, as well as several angel investors, were involved.

Ludei says it will use the money to expand its JavaScript/HTML5 engineering team to meet the growing demand from game and app developers.

This brings the total investment the company has raised to-date to $4.5 million.

In your hands

Its smarts are already being used by over 6,000 developers, including what it labels 'three of the top 20 game publishers in the world'.

Indeed, the Ludei platform has been used to make over 500 games.

It also claims to be the only solution to support WebGL on every iOS and Android device. It supports emerging technology such as the Tizen and Firefox OSes and the Ouya unconsole too.

Looking ahead

"This funding further validates our approach to HTML5 development," argued CEO Eneko Knorr.

"HTML5 has taken a lot of criticism in recent years, and it's true that on its own, it performs poorly on mobile.

"But our team and the world-class developers using our platform are proving every day that with the right support, HTML5 is ready for primetime, and we're positioned to take on the biggest players in the app industry."

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