Dutch mobile outfit Lunagames raised $520,000 for expansion

Linden Mobile Ventures sees the potential

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July 15th, 2013 investment Linden Mobile Ventures
Dutch mobile outfit Lunagames raised $520,000 for expansion

Dutch mobile developer Lunagames has closed a €400,000 investment round.

Dutch early-stage VC outfit Linden Mobile Ventures was the sole investor.

A multi-platform developer of casual free-to-play games, Lunagames reached the milestone of 150 million downloads earlier in 2013.

It says the money will be used to add development capacity and increase its international marketing.

Key markets are Europe, Asia and Latin America.


As part of the deal, Lunagames will collaborate with, one of Linden's other investments, to create games with a multi-device user interface. This will allow gamers to use a smartphone and smart-TV simultaneously.

"Linden offers us the possibility to speed up our growth and implement technology from Linden's other ventures to improve user experience and expand into other international markets," added Lunagames CEO Richard Hazenberg.

"We like to invest in start-ups that develop solutions cross multiple devices bringing together mobile and internet TV. This technology has great potential for mobile gaming as well," commented Linden Mobile Ventures' Cok Mudde.

"With this investment, we expect Lunagames to grow even faster and become one of the major Dutch game development studios."

[source: Linden Mobile Ventures]

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