Apportable raises $5 million in funding to finance cross-platform iOS and Android games

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and others on board

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February 5th, 2014 investment Apportable
Initialized Capital
Apportable raises $5 million in funding to finance cross-platform iOS and Android games

San Francisco-based start-up Apportable has raised $5 million in a new funding round to grubstake a native cross-platform game development tool.

This tool will enable developers to take iOS games and run them natively on Android mobile devices - which will ultimately reduce the pain and expense of porting a game over to Google Play.

On January 21, Apportable launched its cross-platform SpriteBuilder development suite which enabled devs to build iOS and Android games quickly with Objective-C and Xcode.

53 strong and growing

Apportable currently has 53 employees, but plans to use part of the $5 million in raised funds to expand its development team.

Initialized Capital, Danhua Capital, and Y Combinator lead the funding round with Angel investors including Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, and Gmail creator Paul Buchheit.

Shoucheng Zhang, a Stanford physicist and early investor in VMware's cloud and virtualization services, contributed to Apportable's funding round via his investment firm, Danhua Capital.

Speaking on his investment, Zhang drew immediate parallels between Apportable and VMware.

"The Apportable technology enables cross platform interoperability in the mobile space, very much like what VMWare did in the desktop and server space in the early days,"

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