Spanish start-up Omnidrone raises $2 million

Grand Cru and Supercell investors onboard

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 6th, 2014 investment Nokia Growth Partners
Spanish start-up Omnidrone raises $2 million

Spanish developer Omnidrone has announced it's closed $2 million in funding.

The investors were Nokia Growth Partners (an investor in Grand Cru), London Venture Partners (Supercell) and Spanish VC Kibo Ventures.

Founded by ex-GM of Digital Chocolate Barcelona Gerard Fernandez with staff from that studio, Omnidrone is working on its first midcore F2P game.

It will use the investment to grow its team and ensure its debut - due in the spring - makes a successful launch.

The third wave

"We are excited to have such a great mix of investors onboard in our pursuit to build a major gaming company," Fernandez said.

"Good mobile games come from strong design and hard work, but great ones require more. The Omnidrone guys live and breathe mobile - it's their heart and soul, and this is where truly great mobile games start," added LVP's David Lau-Kee.

"We're incredibly excited to be joining them on this journey".

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