MAG Interactive and High Noon developing Ruzzle TV show

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May 28th, 2014 license High Noon Entertainment
MAG Interactive
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MAG Interactive and High Noon developing Ruzzle TV show

Swedish studio MAG Interactive has seen massive success with its Boggle/Scrabble  head-to-head mash-up Ruzzle,  which has nailed over 50 million global players.

Even so, the last thing we'd expect is for a word game like this to make the transition into a TV show.

But that's the deal MAG Interactive has struck with US reality show production company High Noon Entertainment. 

“High Noon is the ideal partner for us to further develop the Ruzzle brand through a TV format," said MAG Interactive CEO Daniel Hasselberg.

"This deal is a significant step in our overall commitment to give our fans the richest diversity of options to experience and celebrate our beloved Ruzzle  brand. Be it on mobile or now on TV, Ruzzle  fans have more choices than ever before.”

Reality TV Ruzzle

Those choices already extend into the single-player focused sequel Ruzzle Adventure,  which boasts a success all of its own with over 1 million downloads to date. It adds in more story and characters to the word puzzle mix.

The exact format of the show is yet to be revealed, but is likely to form some manner of quick-fire quiz show using the game's mechanics on a grander scale, and with buckets of money involved for the winner.

Ruzzle  has all the perfect elements of a game format," explained High Noon CEO Jim Berger.

"The rules are simple, anyone can play and there's a ticking clock. Combine that with high stakes, and we know the excitement and intensity of the game will translate seamlessly to TV."

It's initially planned for US broadcast and cable networks, but there's already talk of syndication.

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