PaeDae rebrands as The Mobile Majority and closes $8 million funding

All systems go

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 10th, 2014 investment The Mobile Majority $8m
PaeDae rebrands as The Mobile Majority and closes $8 million funding

US mobile rewards network PaeDae has rebranded as The Mobile Majority.

It's also announced a $8 million Series B funding round, an updated product suite and the hiring of Shazam exec Evan Krauss as CRO.

This funding comes on top of $11.6 million raised in late 2013.

Brands are best

As PaeDae, the company worked with brands such as 7-Eleven, Hershey's, State Farm, and Time Warner Cable, using techniques such as rewards, purchase incentives and mini-games to increase engagement.

Now The Mobile Majority, it will launch its AdKit ad framework to handle the complex task of dealing with ads across different networks and SDKs.

This is backed by AdScore, which deals with issues such as mobile fraud, off-brand association and partial ad visibility.

"Mobile advertising's quality and creative standards are not sufficient," said Rob Emrich, CEO of the Mobile Majority.

"With our latest launch, brands can tell their story using the powerful devices we all carry without the complexity of working with 20 different vendors or the inherent fraud that plagues our ecosystem."

[source: The Mobile Majority]

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