Next Games adds to $6 million funding thanks to strategic deal with Lionsgate

Mad Men company looks towards games

Date Type Companies involved Size
July 23rd, 2014 investment Lionsgate
Next Games
Not disclosed
Next Games adds to $6 million funding thanks to strategic deal with Lionsgate

Having previously raised over $6 million, mainly from Lowercase Capital, Finnish developer Next Games has extended its Series A round to allow global entertainment company Liongate to invest.

The amount of the investment hasn’t been released but it forms the basis of an ongoing strategic partnership between the two companies.

Next Games is currently working on a F2P mobile game based on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series, while Lionsgate’s content includes the likes of Mad Men and The Hunger Games’  movies. 

The latter have already been licensed for mobile games by Kabam.

Parallel lines

Lionsgate’s move comes as the company looks towards interactive entertainment, appointing Peter Levin as its president of interactive ventures and games.

Next Games also states that the deal underlines its approach of working on high profile licensed IP, something it hopes to mix with internally created brands.

“Gaming is a logical next step in extending our content portfolio, and we’re very excited about the potential of our partnership with Next Games,” said Peter Levin.

“Their management team has a proven track record of creating popular and successful brands for some of the industry leaders in the gaming space, and their passion, innovation and entrepreneurial culture are a perfect fit with our own.

“We see them as a prolific source of the next generation of games, creating exciting and engaging properties based on our franchises as well as new content that we develop together.”

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