Upsight partners with adjust to bring better analytics to app marketing

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September 3rd, 2014 partnership Adjust
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Upsight partners with adjust to bring better analytics to app marketing

Mobile analytics firm adjust has joined forces with marketing outfit Upsight in order to give marketers the ability to better understand the performance of their app's acquisition channels.

Following the partnership, marketers will be able to use Upsight's Data Mine to conduct an ad hoc query of adjust's advertising data, revealing the answers to complex questions that could impact marketing efforts.

Both companies hope that, by identifying critical insights, such as the LTV of a user acquired through a specific marketing campaign, mobile marketers will be able to take the ROI of their marketing spend to new heights.

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Josh Williams, chairman and CTO of Upsight, believes that the partnership will help shed new light on marketing performance. 

“With this partnership, customers will get access to an industry-leading attribution product that, when combined with advanced analytics tools like our Data Mine, will deliver highly valuable insights into the performance of acquisition marketing campaigns,” said Williams.

“We’re excited to work with adjust, a partner that shares our focus on data security and operates with integrity.”


Adjust's CEO and co-founder, Christian Henschel, is just as excited about the deal, which he believes is an 'essential' move.

“User focused attribution is essential for any marketing campaign – the ability to connect the user with the click, install and in- app activity means that the source of the most valuable users can be identified," said Henschel.

“We’re proud to partner with Upsight, offering comprehensive analytics and added features such as campaign re-attribution, which is essential for the re-engagement focused marketers.”

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