PG.Biz RoundTable: Design & Implementation of Security & Protection Measures in Mobile Games (Online)
Jan 26th - 26th 2021

PG.Biz RoundTable: Design & Implementation of Security & Protection Measures in Mobile Games (Online)

Online Event

Date & Times: Tuesday, January 26th - 26th 2021
4pm to 5pm
Location: Online Event
Expected Size: 100 – 250
Ticket Cost: FREE
Target Audience: Developers, Indie Developers, Creatives, C-Level, Marketing, Investors, Publishers, Tool Providers, Technical teams, Media
Event Type: Online Event
Featured Platforms: iOS, Android, Handheld Console

The PocketGamer.Biz RoundTables series is an initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the expert insight offered each day in PG.Biz articles and the awesome live experience of our PG Connects and PGC Digital conferences.

Every month we bring together a panel of leading industry experts to discuss a specific subject, hosted by the PG.Biz team. We'll broadcast the live event for free to everyone who signs up - who can also interact and ask questions - then we'll follow up with some key points in an article and at some point make the video available on our PG.Biz YouTube channel.

Session details

The latest entry in this series will take place on Tuesday, January 26th with a discussion for the industry about measures which can ensure fairness and security in gaming.

Mobile games are a multi-billion dollar industry and have put interactive entertainment in everybody's pocket. But it's ubiquity has opened the door to hackers and cheats. How do game developers ensure legitimate players get the best possible experience and that revenue streams are not challenged? How can you ensure fairness, IP and revenue protection in games?

We’ll be talking about how all aspects of game development have a role to play in this, from the client- and server-side code, to risk assessment, security and protection measures in mobile games. Ultimately, you will gain an insight into issues everybody in the games industry should be aware of.


Pascal Debroek: Player Experience Consultant, The PX Hub
Steeve Huin: CMO, Irdeto
Christian Koidl: Product Owner For Mobile Protection, Denuvo
Chris Winn: Senior Game Designer, Mediatonic
Renee Gittins: Executive Director, IGDA
Ben Greenstone: Director, Taso Advisory

All this and more will be covered in an insightful hour with global experts, all free and streamed online, with help with our partners Denuvo by Irdeto. The RoundTable will be moderated by PocketGamer.biz contributing editor Jon Jordan.

Special thanks to our partners

Irdeto’s Global Gaming Survey uncovered that 77% of players are likely to quit a game for good if they feel opponents aren’t playing fair. Denuvo by Irdeto is the global leading games protection and anti-piracy technology platform with over 350 million software licenses issued and revalidated. Its Anti-Cheat technology solution protects esports and online games from cheating. Developed by security experts, Denuvo Anti-Cheat has no negative impact on in-game performance. Denuvo technology also includes Anti-Tamper, Application License Management and Mobile Game Protection. Find out more at https://irdeto.com/denuvo/.

Denuvo by Irdeto will also be appearing at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #5, and you can find out more about that full conference here.

More online: coming soon!

This is a great opportunity to see, for free, the kind of expert content that PocketGamer.Biz regularly brings together at the Pocket Gamer Connects Digital conferences. These full, five day events bring together speakers and panellists from around the world to share knowledge and insight, as well as provide great networking opportunities. The next one takes place in February 2021.

Meanwhile, every few weeks we'll share these standalone discussion RoundTables so you can gain valuable insight, and also discover the process of online panel discussions.

Future themes will cover a range of timely and insightful topics - keep your eyes out for our next one!

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