PG.biz RoundTable: What Will Be The Winning Monetisation Mix In 2022? (Online)
Oct 19th - 19th 2021

PG.biz RoundTable: What Will Be The Winning Monetisation Mix In 2022? (Online)

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Date & Times: Tuesday, October 19th - 19th 2021
4pm to 5pm
Location: Online Event
Expected Size: 100 – 250
Ticket Cost: FREE
Target Audience: Developers, Indie Developers, Creatives, C-Level, Marketing, Students, Publishers, Ad Companies, Mark
Event Type: Online Event
Featured Platforms: iOS, Android, Console, Handheld Console, Wearables, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, PC, Steam, Blockchain, VR

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According to the forthcoming 2021 PocketGamer.biz Mobile Games Developer Trends Survey, a quarter of mobile game developers will try at least one new monetisation method in the next six months.

In this RoundTable, expert speakers will share their insights on why it’s so important to continually evolve your monetisation strategy and what they think is the right monetisation strategy across different models and game genres.

This session will cover trends such as ad personalisation, ask how to increase advertising eCPMs, and explore the increasing developer demand for better control of ads in games.

With over a third of developers opting for non-interruptive ads, the online panel will take a deep dive into in-game advertising and what to consider when trialling new immersive ad formats into your game.

You can download the PocketGamer.biz Mobile Games Developer Trends Survey Autumn 2021 for free at PocketGamer.biz now.


Kristan Rivers: AdInMo CEO & Founder
Tianyi Gu: Newzoo Market Lead Telecom & Mobile Services
Alex Olthoff: Yodo1 Head of MAS Customer Product
Michal Hablovič: Pixel Federation Ad Monetisation Lead
Anton Volynk: SayGames Head of Developer Partnerships

The panel will be moderated by Brian Baglow, Managing Editor of PocketGamer.biz.

Special thanks to our partners: AdInMo

AdInMo’s InGamePlay adtech platform serves click-free ads that don’t interrupt game flow and create an authentic experience. In-game brand advertising campaigns deliver highly engaged audiences for advertisers, quality monetisation for mobile games developers and most importantly keep players happy.

AdInMo's global mobile reach and InGamePlay inventory enable advertisers to target diverse, premium audiences and developers to generate additional revenue without breaking player immersion.

Read articles about AdInMo's work at the PG.biz editorial site: 

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