Webinar: The Seven Rules Of Monetisation Design
Dec 7th - 7th 2016

Webinar: The Seven Rules Of Monetisation Design

Date & Times: Wednesday, December 7th - 7th 2016
11am to 8pm
Expected Size: 100 – 250
Ticket Cost: FREE
Target Audience: Creatives, Developers, Indie Developers, Students
Event Type: Webinar
Featured Platforms: Android, iOS

This first session is with Oscar Clark, Consultant, Unity Evangelist and author of 'Games As A Service', will explore the topic of game monetisation design.

Since the rise of digital distribution and especially free-to-play, every designer has to also think about commercial issues and business models. Their game will live or die as much by the monetisation, not just how much fun it is.

Making the choice to charge up-front, to use advertising or in-app-purchase isn't something to take lightly and each decision can fundamentally affect the kind of game you make. To help you find your way through this, Oscar has identified seven rules which will help game designers make sure that this doesn't come at the cost of making an enjoyable game.

Join This Webinar To Learn About the Seven Rules:

Rule 1: Utility - What Do Your Players Value?
Rule 2: Anticipation - Why Should They 'Expect Future Value'?
Rule 3: Scarcity - What Are The 'Opportunity Costs'?
Rule 4: Timing - Understanding the Player Lifecycle
Rule 5: Repetition - Why Should Players Return To Play?
Rule 6: Evidence - Why Analytics Is Essential
Rule 7: Scale - The Ultimate Rule of Free-To-Play

Presentations fill up quickly, so sign up before we run out of space!

Three Sessions:

Session 1: 11:00 AM GMT (06:00 EST)

Session 2: 16:00 PM GMT (11:00 EST; 08:00 PST)

Session 3: 19:00 PM GMT (14:00 EST; 11:00 PST)

Please note: Places are limited and entry is on a first-come-first-served basis. Even if a ticket is obtained, this does not guarantee you a place. We will do everything we can to get everyone on the webinar!

While you're waiting for the webinar, check out our Mobile Games University course on Monetisation Design to start learning about the topic now.

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