How ustwo took MouthOff to another level with Turner TV

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How ustwo took MouthOff to another level with Turner TV
In the second of a series of guest columns from studio ustwo™, creative director mills considers how developers can hook their apps into brands.

In our first article we spoke in detail about the power and importance of PR from a small developer's perspective. We demonstrated that through hard work, dedication and passion, big league PR coverage is obtainable and does drive downloads.

Still, six months into MouthOff™ life we wanted to reinvigorate the brand and re-engage with a bigger audience. MouthOff has had over 100k downloads, taking into account the paid and lite versions, which proved to us that if we had the right help, we could take it to another level.

We approached Turner TV, who were quick to realise the potential of creating a co-branded version of MouthOff.

Ben 10 MouthOff™
was born.

This time round we had the support of a media giant to help promote the app, alongside a prominent Apple placement. Ben 10 MouthOff secured great positioning on its launch, due in part to Turner's influence and the quality and power of the Ben 10 brand.

Apple is always keen to engage with big brands and Ben 10 is one of the world's biggest selling cartoons. It was perhaps because of this popularity (and the other kids' apps on the App Store), that Apple built and promoted a specific Apps for Kids section on the store front that coincided perfectly with the promotion and launch of Ben 10 MouthOff.

Within the first week of launch, Turner had arranged online and print advertorial and editorial within the UK's biggest newspapers - something most small developers wouldn't have the budget, contacts and experience to take advantage of. We also had pride of place on Cartoon Network's own website with access to a huge number of unique visitors each day.

Within the first week we had managed to secure a great App Store chart position. Incidentally this chart position was sustained from launch up until the day we wrote this article - so in other words over 3 months.

As we approached Christmas, Turner - happy with the success of Ben 10 MouthOff - decided to take the marketing of the app to the next level by doing something that had never been done before in the UK.

A Ben 10 MouthOff television commercial was developed to run over a three-week period during the Christmas holidays on numerous Turner TV channels including Cartoon Network, Boom, TNT and Boomerang. The ad was shown in UK, Poland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It will come as no surprise that the TV ads did the job in terms of downloads in those countries. On day one we saw a sales increase of 600 percent. Each time the ad was run, sales flooded in.

The lesson we learnt is that developers should take the initiative and directly approach big brands to re-sell and/or re-brand their efforts. Reinvention is key and will give an app a new lease of life if done correctly.

Oh, and TV spots sell apps!

ustwo(TM) is a multi platform development studio based in London, UK and Malmo, Sweden - 50 strong and growing rapidly in notoriety. During 2009, the studio developed and released 16 apps including the infamous MouthOff(TM), .(TM) (48hour series), Steppin(TM), and Reebok's iSprint. ustwo's apps have sold globally and have become brands in their own right.

mills(TM) is well known within the industry with his refreshingly honest and open approach being well received by developers, gamers and fans alike.

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