Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Infinity Field, Early Bird, Hector: Ep2 - Senseless Acts of Justice

Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Infinity Field, Early Bird, Hector: Ep2 - Senseless Acts of Justice
What's this all about? It's the Quality Index round-up, Quality Index being one of Pocket Gamer's many sister sites.

It's like Metacritic for iPhone games, collating everybody's opinions in one handy resource.

Annihilating the Quality Index competition this week with an awe-inspiring 9.3 rating from three reviews is Infinity Field, Chillingo’s bright and vivid twin-stick space-age shooter.

Busier than Westfield Stratford City shopping centre during one of those dawn sales at Next, your iPhone’s 3.5-inch touchscreen is quickly saturated in Infinity Field by gazillions of enemies and their mesmerising mortar fire.

With an obvious nod to Geometry Wars, Chillingo’s out-of-this-world shmup blasts its rivals into smithereens, as IGN notes: “There are six game modes, with added depth provided by numerous power-ups and the ability to upgrade your ship and switch between its weapons. These include extra lives, force fields, helper ships, and more.”

A bird in the hand…

Ahhh, what’s that well-known maxim in English drummed into schoolchildren from a young age? “One man’s meat is another man’s poison?” Nope. “Good things come in small packages?” Yep, that’s the one.

Anyways, Early Bird by Booyah is powered by the same Box2D physics engine as Rovio’s all-conquering nearly namesake, so, if nothing else, your on-screen swipes are registered with appropriate precision.

Fortunately for the developer, its chirpy, cheery cartoony adventure offers plenty else besides - 96 challenging levels, Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements, and, of course, a worm.

Justice prevails

We Brits are compelled by small-screen coppers with tortured souls: Eddie “Fitz” Fitzgerald in Cracker; John Luther in Luther; and, errr, Jim Bergerac in Bergerac.

That’s probably why Straandlooper decided to ‘curse’ the eponymous anti-hero of its hugely entertaining point-and-click game Hector: Ep2 - Senseless Acts of Justice with raving dipsomania and a violent streak.
Pocket Gamer’s own chief inspector definitely fell for the dubious charms of Straandlooper’s rough-and-ready ‘fat arse of the law’, calling attention to a “strong script, great characters, and some fantastic animations” in Episode 2.

You can get the up-to-date information about which games are reviewing best over at the Quality Index.

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