Devil's Attorney, League of Evil, and Angry Birds Star Wars are the highest-reviewed Android games of Q4 2012

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Devil's Attorney, League of Evil, and Angry Birds Star Wars are the highest-reviewed Android games of Q4 2012
Seeking inspiration from public game companies' announcements of financial sales numbers every three months, the Android Quality Index (Android Qi) publishes its own quarterly figures.

But, instead of assaulting your ears and eyes with talk of operating profit, gross margins, and unit growth, this Android Quality Index quarterly round-up ranks the top 20 best-reviewed Android games that were released during the period October 1st - December 31st, 2012.

Simple as that.

As for the reviews themselves, the Android Quality Index boasts over 300,000 of them from the world's leading online sources, including Android Rundown, AndroidTapp, Pocket Gamer, and Gamezebo.

Case dismissed

If 2012 was the year Android truly arrived as a gaming platform, the final quarter was something of a victory lap.

In Devil's Attorney, Senri turns a slick US courtroom into a battleground, as you use turn-based strategy tactics to win your cases. Add in an expertly realised '80s pastiche universe and it's pretty easy to see why it topped the Android Quality Index Q4 2012 chart.

At #2, League of Evil evokes the spirit of so many classic action-platformers from the early '90s, while keeping the levels short and sweet for the mobile format. Excellent.

Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars was always likely to be good fun, but few expected the result of this high-profile brand synergy to be quite THIS good. I mean, it's arguably the greatest Star Wars collaboration since Chewie and the Ewoks.

Welcome to the Jungle, we've got fun and games

Rayman Jungle Run made jaws hit floors in late 2012, combining brilliantly judged one-touch platformer mechanics with some of the best 2D sprite work ever seen on a smartphone.

The modern RPG, meanwhile, owes much to the first fantasy tabletop games, which have captured the imaginations of innumerable youths over the past few decades. Knights of Pen & Paper, at #5 on this end-of-quarter list, doffs its wizard's hat to this gaming heritage, make no mistake.

Bringing up the rear - or should that be the tailgate? - is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This console-standard racer has to be seen to be believed, offering the kind of stunning 3D graphics and high-octane arcade racing that you might expect to see from a box under your living room TV.

Android Quality Index's Top 20 games of Q4 2012

Methodology #1

To qualify for an Android Quality Index rating, a game must have received three or more reviews from the 60+ sites that feed into Android Qi's database.

Methodology #2

In the event of a 'tie', titles are separated in the first instance by number of reviews - the higher the total, the better.

Should the number of reviews also be identical, the Android Quality Index rating comes back into play, for while we only display the average score to one decimal place, the list is generated to further significant figures.

You can always keep up to date with the hottest-reviewed Android games at the Android Quality Index.

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