Diary of a Promiscuous Gamer: Considering Kabam's hits and misses while driving a beat-up BMW 2002 tii

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Diary of a Promiscuous Gamer: Considering Kabam's hits and misses while driving a beat-up BMW 2002 tii

As game executive Bing Gordon famously put it (about) in 2010, "This is the most promiscuous app audience in the history of mankind".

So this is the Christmas week diary of a promiscuous gamer, who is keen to play his fill, and keen to build a lot of walls. 

1. Clash of Clans (Supercell)
Started upgrading Archers to level 5 - a 5 day process.

2. Samurai Siege (Space Ape)
A big change this week as I spent some time building a defensive wall around my base. It's something that's definitely increased the amount of time I spend in the game, but I'm still not very bothered about the Battle modes - neither single or multiplayer.

3. Friendly Fire (Red Robot)
I've only just realised that this is one of the few mobile strategy games in which you can't build a defensive wall. Upgraded some mines and oil wells instead.

4. QuizUp (Plain Vanilla)
Played a couple of games in Business and Novel categories.

5. Fast & Furious 6: The Game (Kabam)
Have almost completed the current set of challenges. Maybe will have ground out a new car next week for the next set of challenges. 

6. Tank Nation (Wormhole Games)
After last week's excitement - including a new tank - this week was a more normal period of working my way through the Battle map and experimenting with different armament load-outs.

7. Galaxy Factions (Coco)
It was also wall building week in Galaxy Factions, which resulted in more in-game time. As with Samuari Siege, however, I'm not yet convinced about the game's Battle mode.

8. Battle Command! (Spacetime Studios)
After my wall building frenzy last week, I waited to build up some steel resources.

9. CSR Classics (NaturalMotion)
Completed the first stage and 'bought' a beat-up BMW 2002 Tii (see below) for the second stage. The beat-up cars looks much nicer than their polished-up versions to my small mind.

10. Epic Empire (Pocket Gems)
The slow pace of this game is starting to become a little tiresome. It seems to be hampered in that spending $1.99 doesn't speed things up. You have to spend $4.99.

11. Heroes & Havoc (Mobage)
I think I'm reaching the end of my time with this card-battler inspired game. Now it's getting very grindy and not in a good way.

12. Clumsy Ninja (NaturalMotion)
Didn't play this week (again).

13. Dark District (Kabam)
Getting into the very simple flow and clean UI of this strategy game (see below). It makes it very clear what you can do, although the 'single builder' stack feels a bit limited compared to other games, in which you can buy additional builders to work on your base in parallel. The walls are also a bit rubbish.

14. Heroes of Dragon Age (EA)
Playing this a lot but have hit a stage where nothing much is happening. I'm using up my Stamina to complete each set of PVP battles to earn gold to buy new heroes for my squad to consume, but the single player missions remain rock hard. The characters don't really change much visually when you level up either. Spent $1.99 to buy a one-off Rare character. Of course, a couple of days later I'm regularly grinding out Rare characters... Oh, well. 

15. Angry Birds Go (Rovio)
Played a couple of races. Really need to play this some more, but no time.

16. Sensei Wars (2K Games)
This strategy game is notably for its 3D graphics and camera. Interestingly, it also starts you off in a base with some walls - a short cut I think more games should consider. It's not a particularly great-looking in terms of art-style however (see below).

17. Runes of War (Kabam)
Not sure why Kabam has picked up this Chinese-developed city/army-builder for international release. The UI is very dated and clearly web game-inspired; something that's also demonstrated in the overly complex gameplay.

18. Team Monster (Mobage)
Levelled up some monsters.

Installed #1 Kingdom Clash (Storm8)
Another city/army-builder strategy game, this one plays the cute graphics card (see above). Have already built a small wall.

Installed #2 Adventure Town (Supersolid)
With more crafting and farming elements, this city-builder feels less combat-focused than others in the genre. Looking forward to playing it some more.

Installed #3 Colossatron (Halfbrick)
Typical high production values from Halfbrick, but I am really surprised this isn't a free-to-play game (it's $0.99), particularly as its match-3 gameplay isn't skill-based as in previous games such as Jetpack Joyride

Installed #4 Fightback (Chillingo)
To be played.

Uninstalled #1 Battle Islands (505 Games)
This WWII-themed strategy game really didn't appeal in terms of look or gameplay.

Uninstalled #2 The Gate (Mobage)
Another interesting publishing decision, this time from Mobage, The Gate is an attempt to add skill gameplay into battles in a card-based game, but it's much to clunky in terms of gameplay and UX for a mobile game.

Uninstalled #3 D&D Arena of War (Mobage)
Something that had been hanging around in my ToPlay folder for a while, D&D Arena of War is similar to The Gate in terms of an attempt to inject direct gameplay into the otherwise automatic outcomes of card-battlers. But like The Gate it's a flop in terms of overall presentation and flow.

Weekly recap
Installed: 4
Uninstalled: 3

In Play: 21
To Be Played: 1

Spending: $1.99 in Heroes of Dragon Age
To-date 2013 'Life Time' Value: $102.98

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