The Charticle: How Threes found success without in-app purchases

It all adds up

The Charticle: How Threes found success without in-app purchases

The number crunching card puzzler, Threes, has been something of a surprise package in a month dominated by a certain flappy bird.

The super slick puzzler has been performing well in both the download and grossing charts, becoming the most downloaded game in 16 countries, including Germany, Spain, and the US.

It's also found success in the grossing charts, becoming a top 100 grossing game in 62 countries.

When you take into account that Threes can be yours for a one-off payment of $1.99 - that's right, it's an IAP free zone - those figures start to become even more impressive.

So, without further ado, let's lift the Charticle veil once more, and venture forth into a world of wonderous stats, and tantalising graphs.

It all adds up

Threes' performance in terms of downloads on the European iPhone top 100 charts of the EU5 - via App Annie

On the iPhone downloads chart for the EU 5 - the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy - Threes has gotten off to a flying start.

The game has climbed into the top 20 with ease, peaking at #1 in Germany -it's best performance in a big country - and Spain, #2 in the UK, and #8 in France.

In Italy however, it has stumbled ever so slightly in comparison, failing to break into the top 20, and only peaking at #23. 

Threes' top grossing performance on the European iPhone top 100 chart - via App Annie

Of course, its money that matters, and the European top grossing charts for iPhone show that Threes has been bringing home some surprisingly good bacon.

It has broken into the top 100 in Germany, Spain, and recently shooting up the charts in the UK, peaking at #14, #17, and #40 in those respective countries.

Threes' top grossing performance on the US iPhone top 100 chart - via App Annie

Threes has also been welcomed with open arms in the US, with the game leaping the top of the iPhone downloads chart just a day after release.

Likewise, it has also been making steady progress on the US top grossing chart for iPhone, making its debut at #68 before peaking at #27 days later. 

Some might balk at those European and US figures, pointing to the fact that Threes hasn't broken into the top 10 anywhere as a sign of failure, however, for a game that retails at $1.99, charging into the top 100 is no easy feat.

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