InMobi on the break with banner ads and its native revolution

Time to take control

InMobi on the break with banner ads and its native revolution

Creative innovation in content and advertising is evolving at a rapid pace.

For quite some time, mobile advertising was synonymous with banner ads. However, mobile advertising is increasingly becoming less about a disruptive user experience and more about delivering content seamlessly to the user in a contextually relevant manner.

This has brought science and art together as advertisers and mobile advertising platforms seek ways to make mobile advertising highly effective.

Mobile is the future

Mobile is emerging as the preferred channel for large groups of consumers globally.

As mobile evolves into one of the most influential platforms for consumers, developers and marketers are taking necessary steps to understand customer behaviour and usage patterns in order to increase their returns on campaign investments.

Against this backdrop, the humble banner and the mainstay of advertising monetization until not so long ago has changed little since its emergence in the digital world over a decade ago.

While banners have been part of InMobi's offerings, we had anticipated the shift towards more engaging formats - interstitial ad units, mobile video and native advertising. These new formats take into account how consumers use their devices.

Make the break

InMobi has worked with over 30,000 app developers, fielded over 4 billion ad requests per day and helped monetize their apps on the back of our best-in-class technology and global scale.

Along with helping developers monetize at scale, we have also stayed focused on delivering a great user experience because we feel that developers do not have to make massive trade-offs between monetization and user experience.

Consequently, InMobi has chosen to take the lead and change the way mobile ads are viewed. We took it upon ourselves to achieve one goal - to make ads beautiful and give the user a seamless, non-intrusive experience.

We decided to break up with banners!

Take control

We took the approach of democratizing native advertising by putting developers in control through a self-serve platform. This was our way of creating a fundamental shift in the industry towards making ads beautiful.

We created the InMobi Native Ads Platform to let every developer enjoy the power of monetizing through native ads.

The InMobi platform enables developers to customize ad layouts and interactions without compromising app design. Developers are able to choose from multiple different native content formats or native interstitial ad units to best fit within their application.

Our WYSIWYG interface enables you to customize ad layout and interactions without compromising user experience.

Get with the program

InMobi is already serving native ads in more than 35 countries and over 20 billion native ads a month with performances 4-5 times better than banner ad units!

We feel that consumers are ready and want seamlessly integrated advertising that does not take away from the user experience of their device and/or app. Moreover, developers want to monetize their applications in a way that is reflective of the work that they put into their app and maintain the look and feel that they intended.

To learn more, visit http://www.inmobi.com/native-ads

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