51 top games in soft launch: From Star Trek: Fleet Command and Lineage II: Dark Legacy to Brawl Stars and Angry Birds Dream Blast

51 top games in soft launch: From Star Trek: Fleet Command and Lineage II: Dark Legacy to Brawl Stars and Angry Birds Dream Blast

Soft launch reporting by Iain Harris and Ric Cowley.

PocketGamer.biz is now regularly rounding up the most interesting games that are currently in soft launch.

An important part of the shift to a games-as-a-service approach, the soft launch process enables developers to fine-tune their game, particularly in relation to meta-game mechanics such as time gates, in-game resources and psychological components.

Behind the scenes

Of course, some games require more time in soft launch than others; something that can reveal a game experiencing more serious issues than mere fine-tuning.

But, of course, the main point of the feature is to get you excited about the games you'll soon be able to play...

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  • Candy Crush Tales

    Candy Crush Tales logo

    Developer: King
    Where: India
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: December 3rd, 2018
    Updates: (1) December 5th, 2018

    Fresh off the release of Candy Crush Friends Saga, King has soft-launched a new entry in this series that boasts a similar visual aesthetic.

    Called Candy Crush Tales, it holds a more significant emphasis on narrative and story progression.

    The narrative features a kingdom that has been overridden with salt, with players tasked with bringing some sweetness back to the Candy Kingdom.

    Despite a new narrative direction, the gameplay stays the same with match-three puzzles that have to be solved to push the story along.

  • Tacticool

    Tacticool logo

    Developer: Panzerdog
    Where: Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Finland and Ukraine
    Platforms: iOS and Android
    Live since: November 29th, 2018
    Updates: (4) December 5th, 2018

    With over 50 types of guns and a plethora of cars to boot, developer Panzerdog is out to stuff as much physics-based action into Tacticool as mobile can handle.

    Action plays out in a five-on-five format in multiplayer brawls with military visuals to go alongside it.

    Players can create a unique loadout from a wide range of primary, secondary and special weapons, from pistols and shotguns to mines and knives.

    Also, each operator has different stats and special abilities that can enhance the performance of the weapons.

  • Royale Rising

    Royale Rising logo

    Developer: Gameloft
    Where: -
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: November 26th, 2018
    Updates: (4) November 30th, 2018

    Battle royale games typically quieten down and achieve some focus the more numbers dwindle. In Gameloft’s attempt, however, it tries to lead to more chaos.

    Called Royale Rising, you can bask in the spoils of victory should you meet your demise. As a looming ghost, you can either back up an ally with health packs or bomb your rivals into submission.

    Matches come thick and fast with runtimes of up to five minutes, and collectable orbs will bump your health, damage and leaping ability.

    All these mechanics play out with some light cyberpunk aesthetic, with each combatant an android fighting in an arena for the human’s enjoyment.

    The fourth update includes varying camera zooms, which are based on the weapon you are carrying. The patch also introduced improved targeting for beam weapons. 

  • Ludo Superstar

    Ludo Superstar logo

    Developer: Tencent
    Where: India, Hong Kong, China and the US
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: November 26th, 2018
    Updates: (2), December 8th, 2018

    After spending a turn putting out PUBG-related mobile games, Tencent has opted to go the casual route with Ludo Superstar for its next move.

    Alongside a more classic game mode faithful to the board game, Ludo Superstar also includes its own spin on the game with Power Mode, which brings an array of modern games twists.

    Double distance will let you double the number you rolled on your dice to travel further while dice control will allow you to remotely control what number you want.

    Moreover, protection shield will protect you from other “sneaky tokens” for one turn while Bonus Roll will give you, well, another roll.


  • Kitty Catsanova

    Kitty Catsanova logo

    Developer: Kongregate
    Where: Philippines
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: November 6th, 2018
    Updates: (2), December 3rd, 2018

    Idle games crafts-folk Kongregate is back, although this time around the aim of the game isn’t to money but spend it charming cats.

    Called Kitty Catsanova, time-management remains the key to balancing work life and showering your fanciful feline with gifts to win their affection.

    Of course, gifts only go so far in the game of love so you’ll need to dowse on some charm and take your purring partner out on a series of dates.

    Regarding the choice of partner, there’s a myriad of single cats with rare and legendary ones up for discovery.

  • Word Life

    Word Life logo

    Developer: Social Point
    Where: Philippines, Canada and Spain
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: October 20th, 2018
    Updates: (5) December 7th, 2018

    Social Point’s latest foray into soft launch blends scrabble with scenic vistas.

    Called Word Life, the puzzle game gradually increases in difficulty as you navigate its wildlife-inspired levels.

    Breaking up play is fact screens about the nature that the current level inhabits. The amount of levels is said to be in the thousands.

    On top of that, there is also a daily puzzle to offer different challenges.

  • Card Smash: Tribes at War

    Card Smash: Tribes at War logo

    Developer: Heavyweight Rex
    Where: New Zealand, Holland, Philippines and Thailand
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: October 27th, 2017
    Updates: (4) November 9th, 2018

    After a spell on the sidelines undergoing updates Card Smash: Tribes at War has returned to soft launch.

    Going head-to-head with other players in card-based battles is still the thrust of the game, and over 100 cards can be collected from daily quests.

    The title also holds a competitive element with a real-time PvP league on offer around the clock.

    Between tournaments, however, you can take advantage of the Card Smash’s deck builder to try out different strategies and upgrade your deck.

    The fourth update brought a slew of changes. There's a new world map to explore and a new deck builder has been brought in with hopes it'll be more intuitive.  

  • Lineage II: Dark Legacy

    Lineage II: Dark Legacy logo

    Developer: NCSoft
    Where: Mexico
    Platforms: Android and iOS
    Live since: September 27th, 2018
    Updates: (2) November 14th, 2018

    Not too long after bringing its popular franchise Lineage to mobile, the publisher has swiftly followed up with a spin-off.

    Called Lineage II: Dark Legacy, it changes up its MMORPG fundamentals with an experience focused on dungeon crawling, with 100 floors to sift through for loot and plunder.

    If PVP is more your speed, the RPG also comes with a siege mode where you’ll be tasked with penetrating your enemy’s defences and invading their castle.

    Of course, there are customisation options available to make sure your own castle doesn’t meet such a fate, from electrifying Shock Cannons to piercing Ballistas.

    War is, however, seldom won by tech alone and mercenaries will also be recruitable for your various ends, with their skills upgradable. Such fiends up for grabs include series regulars the Shillien Knight, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger and Tyrant.

  • Star Trek: Fleet Command

    Star Trek: Fleet Command logo

    Developer: Scopley
    Where: Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, Romania, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Philippines, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway
    Platforms: Android and iOS
    Live since: October 8th, 2018
    Updates: (5), November 21st, 2018

    Scopley has entered the Star Trek fray with a 4X strategy MMO in tow.

    A commander of your own starbase on the edge of civilised space, you’ll have a slew of familiar faces to recruit to your crew, from James T. Kirk and Spock to Nero.

    Of course, amassing a deadly fleet is only half the battle here, and negotiation will also be required to forge beneficial alliances.

    Forces you can ally yourself with range from federation and Klingon to the Romulan contingent.

  • Super Chef

    Super Chef logo

    Developer: Jam City
    Where: -
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: October 31st, 2018
    Updates: (4) November 28th, 2018

    After briefly straying away from its beloved match-three formula Jam City has whipped up a chef-themed puzzle game.

    Called Super Chef, you’re tasked with running and designing a successful restaurant. That is, once you save it from the brink of ruin.

    To do so, you’ll cook up mean dishes and plough your way through puzzles to do so.

    There’s also a degree of customer interaction with each having their own secrets for you to discover.

    The second update included 75 new levels alongside new sounds, animations and stability improvments. 

  • Diner Dash Town

    Diner Dash Town logo

    Developer: Glu
    Where: Philippines
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: October 16th, 2018
    Updates: (3), December 3rd, 2018

    Diner Town needs a hero. It’s not you, that would be series protagonist Flo, but you’re here to help regardless.

    Thanks to Mr Big and his meddlesome goons, the town has become quite meek. The diner has lost its lustre, the hotel could do with some TLC and so on.

    As you cook, match and serve the town back to fighting form you’ll unlock new additions to build the town back up, while finding out what happened in the first place.

    Diner Dash Town will also feature some games in one with Diner Dash playable now and Hotel Dash on the way soon.

  • Farm Heroes Champions

    Farm Heroes Champions logo

    Developer: King
    Where:  India and Brazil
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: November 5th, 2018
    Updates: (5), November 21st

    The Farm Adventure life is so nice that it appears twice in our soft launch regular, with King tentatively launching another title.

    Called Farm Heroes Champions, it maintains the series staple of polished and cute animations, with match-three puzzles to boot.

    The twist this time around is team-play, which can be achieved through syncing the game between devices. Buddying up will also lead to great rewards.

  • World War Doh

    World War Doh logo

    Developer: Jam City
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: September 6th, 2018
    Updates: (14) November 22nd 2018

    Jam City’s latest sweet-themed instalment in its games portfolio takes the developer to the realm of real-time strategy.

    Called World War Doh, it focuses on 1v1 combat and aims to build upon foundations of chaos and humour.

    You’ll take charge of your commander and boss your troops around as you build up an army, craft traps and conquer the map, all of which is beat your opponents.

    Once the pillaging is done, your strategy can be reworked while your troops can be strengthened.

  • Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

    Looney Tunes World of Mayhem logo

    Developer: Scopley
    Where: Canada, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Romania
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: May 30th 2017
    Updates: (34) November 2nd 2018

    Despite being around since long before the dawn of the dot-com, Looney Tunes has been prominent in the games sphere with numerous releases across early gen consoles, from Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters to Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time.

    The tide has stemmed somewhat in recent times, but it hasn’t stopped Scopley trying its hand at the IP on mobile.

    Looney Tunes World of Mayhem follows the rhythm of action role-playing games prominent on mobile. Supremacy over the Looney Tunes world is at stake and teams can be formed from a slew of familiar characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Taz, Tweety Bird, Road Runner and others.

    Battles are turn-based, and each character stands out through their fighting abilities.

    The seventh update included alliances and in-game chat capabilities.

    The eleventh update introduced three new battle modes, quick play, competitive play and Marvin’s Invasion.

    The thirty-fourth update brought in a tap and reveal feature which will show you more information about any material or Toon Piece just by tapping on their icons.

    The update also added a bunch of new limited-time quests during major events.

  • Angry Birds Dream Blast

    Angry Birds Dream Blast logo

    Developer: Rovio
    Where: Finland, Poland, Israel, Australia, Canada, the UK and the US
    Platforms: iOS and Android
    Live since: October 2nd, 2018
    Updates: (8) December 3rd 2018

    Rovio’s flock of agitated avians have returned, although not to be flung at structures but rather to nap.

    Much likes 2016’s Angry Birds Blast, Dream Blast is a more traditional puzzler and features bubble popping.

    Groups of similarly coloured dream bubbles will pop when tapped and special powers will be unleashed when lots of bubbles are combined.

    On top of all that, dream bubbles fall according to physics, which is done to make every level unique.

    The second update added tutorial pop-ups for different level types along with a slew of fixes to graphics assets. 

  • Alpha Squad 5

    Alpha Squad 5 logo

    Developer: Kongregate
    Where: Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Norway, Canada, Iran, Ghana, Philippines, China, Qatar and United Arab Emirates
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: October 3rd, 2018
    Updates: (15) December 7th 2018

    There’s a storm afoot according to games developer Kongregate, but not a literal one. Rather, a smattering of villains out to dominate the world.

    You and Alpha Squad 5, of which the game takes its name, are tasked with thwarting said baddies and can do so in a number of ways.

    A collection of super soldiers will be by your side, but they need to be mixed and matched to optimal effect, on top of that their skills can be enhanced with upgraded gears.

    For the more diplomatic among us, villains can also be reasoned with and convinced to swap sides.

    Types of gameplay are varied and range from solo and co-op to PvP fights and raids.

  • Contra: Return

    Contra: Return logo

    Developer: Tencent
    Where: Philippines, Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong
    Platforms: iOS and Android
    Live since: August 7th, 2018
    Updates: (2) November 7th 2018

    After a year on Asian shores, a westernised version of Contra: Return has also been on the rollout in the region.

    Helmed by Garena, alongside Konami and Tencent, the retro favourite seems to come with all the bits you remember.

    Featuring heroes Bill and Lance, you’ll be able to make your way across side-scrolling levels in 3D and co-op action.

    Alongside the familiar boss battles, PVP instant battles will also be available. No word if the classic Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right code still works though.

  • Hungry Shark Heroes

    Hungry Shark Heroes logo

    Developer: Ubisoft
    Where: Australia and New Zealand
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: September 21st 2018
    Updates: (4), December 7th 2018

    Ubisoft’s batch of hungry chaps are back and are ready to be collected and battled against each other for your enjoyment.

    Called Hungry Shark Heroes, it features over 120 sharks that can be collected and bred in a customisable reef through the pairing of two sharks. Additionally, you can also borrow different species of sharks from your friends to further unlock other species.

    After that, you’ll be tasked with mentoring your young shark and teaching them the ways of ‘shark-fu’.

    After your aquatic apprentice is ready for the trials and tribulations of combat you can take to one of 15 arenas and do battle in team-based formats.

    Different combinations and specific timing will be key to helping you vanquish foes.

    A range of live events will be in place to keep you playing and they will centre around various maps.

  • Legends at War!

    Legends at War! logo

    Developer: Social Point
    Where: Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: August 4th 2018
    Updates: (10) December 9th 2018

    Set in the mythical realm, Legends at War blends RPG-like fantastical elements with wartime tactics.

    This realm has five elemental kingdoms in total, which are all ripe for you to conquer. Through a RPG progression system you collect and summon a plethora of heroes and upgrade their skills.

    Rare materials found through exploration will also aid you in pushing your marry army to their full potential.

    Much like any good war title, war doesn’t have to be waged alone, and you can forge various alliances with friends to climb the leaderboards.

    You can elicit aid through gifts and donations and even dole them out yourself.

    The fifth update added a new storyline in which you meet your arch-nemesis Lord Eagris and an increase in difficulty and rewards for beating monsters. 


  • Runaway Story

    Runaway Story logo

    Developer: Nexon
    Where: Malaysia, Netherlands, Finland and Norway
    Platforms: iOS and Android
    Live since: September 11th 2018
    Updates: (11) November 29th 2018

    Tales of glitz, glam and stardom may be common fodder in the mobile industry but Nexon’s Runaway Story is out to add an extra dimension with match-three puzzle elements.

    You’ll find yourself behest to aid fashion wonder twins Jaime and Jerome in designing outfits.

    From charming and cute to fun and funky, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Which is you in this scenario.

    Tackling and completing puzzles will aid you in unlocking various garbs and locations are plentiful and include comic stores, Marina Beach and the circus.

    The fifth update added 20 new levels of gameplay along with log in rewards.

    The eighth update revealed that 10 new match-3 levels would be updated every week. It also added an explosive new element called flowerpot.

    The tenth update threw in the photo studio event update, which tasks the player with filling the film canister to get rewards.

  • Go Race: Super Karts

    Go Race: Super Karts logo

    Developer: Space Ape
    Where: Philippines, Australia and the Netherlands
    Platforms: iOS and Android
    Live since: August 30th 2018
    Updates: (2) September 30th 2018

    Space Ape is fixing up to bring the classic kart racer archetype to mobile.

    Go Race: Super Karts comes with all the trademarks of the beloved genre, from tight turns to weapons.

    Races will be a swift two-minutes each and will consist of deciding whether it’s more worth your while to play smart or screw over your friends as frequently as possible.

    Avatars will be customisable along with the karts themselves and a myriad of modes will be available from events and tournaments to championships.

  • PUBG Lite

    PUBG Lite logo

    Developer: Tencent
    Where: Philippines and Brazil
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: August 9th 2018
    Updates: (7), October 26th 2018

    As we approach the year mark of Tencent teaming up with PUBG Corp to bring the famous battle royale to mobile, we now have our fourth iteration of the game.

    PUBG Lite sets itself apart by being a bite-size version of the popular battle royale title and will take up considerably less room on your mobile.

    Built with Unreal Engine 4, it is optimised for devices with less RAM. The lighter model means that lower-powered devices will also be able to run the game without sacrificing gameplay.

    The game itself has also been downsized with a smaller 2x2 kilometre map and a player-pool per game of 40 combatants.

    The seventh update brought about a new arcade mode called 'war', which revolves around killing enemies to earn points. When the timer reaches 0, the team with the higher score wins.

    The update also introduced the royale pass, a paid-for feature that allows players to unlock cosmetics as they level up.

  • Knights of Fury

    Knights of Fury logo

    Developer: King
    Where: Denmark, Sweden and Malaysia
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: July 20th 2018
    Updates: (5), December 5th 2018

    Set in the fantastical and medieval world of Astellan with customisable knights, King is entering the RPG arena with Knights of Fury. Quite apt given the Candy Crush Developer’s name.

    You’ll take to Astellan with your own created character to tame the chaos of the lands and progress through a series of trials. In doing so you’ll power up your gauntlet.

    As is standard fare for RPGs you’ll also snag better armour and weapons from loot. Combat is described as “gesture-driven” and will be turn-based.

    Rest assured, potential knights need not face these trials alone, as ancient heroes can be collected to fight by your side.

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049 logo

    Developer: Next Games
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: July 10th 2018
    Updates: (9), November 15th 2018

    Following on from releasing The Walking Dead: Our World Next Games has soft-launched its next big title based on a famous IP.

    Blade Runner 2049 is a role-playing game with a story that will no doubt be indulgent should you be a fan of the original films, or even the book if you’re a Philip K Dick fan.

    As a fresh-faced blade runner, you’re tasked with collecting evidence to aid you in hunting down rogue replicants.

    Staple characters from the series are collectable and will aid you in overcoming threats. Freshly formed teams can also be powered up to take on more challenging targets with proportionate awards.

    You don’t have to go it alone though as friends and blade runners alike can be enlisted to help you accomplish a mission.

  • First Hero

    First Hero logo

    Developer: Webzen
    Where: Spain, France, Brazil, Canada and the Philippines
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Live since: March 6th 2018
    Updates: (4), August 9th 2018

    A real-time strategy game with RPG features, First Hero is available for both Android and iOS devices.

    Players are tasked with recruiting and developing legendary and historical heroes to win battles against other warriors.

    The key element of First Hero is finding the balance between the best strategy to build and defend one's fortresses while expanding the empire, which can be done through winning battles and forming alliances.

    The victors can look forward to a rich array of rewards, which includes crystals, resources, heroes and cash items.

  • Frag

    Frag logo

    Developer: OhBiBi
    Where: Brazil
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: July 6th 2018
    Updates: (26), November 28th 2018

    Hot of the heels of its $21 million investment from Atomico, French games developer Oh BiBi has entered the shooter market with Frag.

    A self-stylised hybrid of Overwatch and Clash Royale, gameplay centres on a real-time multiplayer model where players control a team in short, but hopefully sweet, matches.

    Teams are five in total and feature unique heroes each with different weapons and abilities. Over 40 heroes are up for collection.

    Oh BiBi has also implemented a social platform within Frag that integrates communication and video sharing into the heart of the experience.

    The ninth update added Los Angeles, Paris, Wellington, Egypt and Space Base to the arena pool along with a new 'fragger' called Medusa. 

    The tenth update brought in a new Frenzy mode, in which double points are awarded when there are only 60 seconds left.

    The twenty-third update introduced a new tutorial alongside coins, which can be nabbed in online games through theft from other players or collection. 

    The twenty-fifth update added a new grade system so players could improve upon their ranks in seasons. Speaking of which, seasons have also been extended by two weeks. 

  • Battle Bombers Arena

    Battle Bombers Arena logo

    Developer: FuturePlay
    Where: Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Ireland
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: March 6th 2018
    Updates: (14), August 30th 2018

    An intriguing combination of cute animals in a Bomberman-style game makes for FuturePlay’s Battle Bombers Arena.

    Much akin to its influence, the player-versus-player multiplayer games centres on blowing opponents to bits.

    15 players are placed in a shrinking arena in real-time and are given obstacles to clear, power-ups to grab and, most importantly, enemies to blast to smithereens.

    Players can also choose to do battle as a range of animals, from foxes and koala bears to ponies and crocodiles.

  • World of Demons

    World of Demons logo

    Developer: Platinum
    Where: Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: June 4th
    Updates: N/A

    World of Demons looks set to be a delightful infusion of Nier: Automata developer Platinum’s hack-and-slash style and Clover Studio’s Okami-styled watercolour visuals.

    Clover Studio is something that Platinum will be all too familiar with, having being the studio's former incarnation before it was dissolved.

    World of Demons will place players in an interpretation of medieval Japan in which Oni (demons) have taken over the human world. The previously docile Yokai (monsters from Japanese folklore) have been corrupted by the Oni and have begun attacking humans as well, which is where you and your Samurai counterpart will come in.

    Regarding the hack-and-slash nitty gritty, each Samurai’s most-set includes sword slashes, dodges, parries and finishing moves. Should things look dicey you can also call on your Yokai Minions to support you in battle with elemental buffs, attack spells, and support techniques.

  • Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians

    Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians logo

    Developer: Time Warner
    Where: Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: May 16th
    Updates: N/A

    Captain Planet may be a tad before most people’s time (the evidence is in the mullet), but his message of environmentalism is one that still lingers past the culmination of his TV Show in 1996.

    Rendered in true morning 90s cartoon aesthetic, Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians tasks players with taking out eco-villains who are polluting the world.

    Also returning for this nostalgic romp are the original Planeteers who will battle a collection of old and new foes.

    Gameplay is tap-based and incentivises players to take out baddies and clean up a collection of environmentally damaged spots.

  • DC: Unchained

    DC: Unchained logo

    Developer: Four Thirty Three
    Where: South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Live since: January 10th 2018
    Updates: (20), November 15th 2018

    Four Thirty Three’s DC-licensed dungeon brawler is as much about saving the world as it is tearing it down, it just so happens to come down to what you fancy.

    Alongside a classic story mode, players can skip straight to the fight with a PvP mode that pits the player against player or an “unchained mode,” which acts as a Co-Op feature.

    Gameplay revolves around putting together your own five-person suicide squad with 35 heroes and villains up for selection, from Batman and Superman to the Joker and Harley Quinn.

    The eleventh update added a new chapter called Apokolips Invasion Gotham City along with balance adjustments and a new stamina system.

    The sixteenth update added a new skins and re-balanced the hero roster to boot. 

  • Ready, Set, Monsters!

    Ready, Set, Monsters! logo

    Developer: Time Warner
    Where: Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Macau, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, South Korea
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Live since: May 14th 2018
    Updates: (1), June 29th 2018

    Sugar, spice and everything nice with a pinch of punch-able baddies gives us the formula for an all new Power Puff Girls game.

    Ready, Set, Monsters! Is a horde mode styled game where players can test their resolve against endless waves of baddies to see how long they can last.

    The classic trio of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are all playable and can be powered up through collecting friendly monsters. You don’t have to beat ‘em all up.

  • Rumble Stars Soccer

    Rumble Stars Soccer logo

    Developer: Frogmind
    Where: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: May 4th 2018
    Updates: (21), November 21st 2018

    Badlands developer Frogmind’s new PvP soccer game centres on high tempo and button combo-oriented gameplay.

    Players take to a pitch and play soccer with unconventional physics at play with an interchangeable cast of anthropomorphic animals known as rumblers.

    Teams can be upgraded with different rumblers and other players can be taken on as a means to climb ranks in the titles competitive feature.

    Other features include private matches and an in-game TV feature so players can learn from others.

    Rumble Stars Soccer is compatible with iPhone 5 and upwards and iPad 2 and iPad mini (second generation) and upwards.

    The third update added a new rumbler called Royal Dung and balanced other heroes stats.

    The eighteenth update included friendly matches in clubs and daily items in the shop. 

  • Digimon Soul Chasers Season 2

    Digimon Soul Chasers Season 2 logo

    Developer: Bandai Namco
    Where: South Korea
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: May 4th 2018
    Updates: N/A

    Bandai Namco has given Digimon Soul Chaser the sequel treatment with Soul Chaser 2.

    The PvP and RPG hybrid title will feature the series classics such as raising Digimon and battling them against each other.

    120 Digimon are up for grabs and they can be organised into three classes; which are attack, defence and skill. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Players will also be able to bring up to six Digimon into a battle and will be able to raise them to fulfil different roles through a stat system.

  • UNO!

    UNO! logo

    Developer: Mattel163
    Where: Brazil, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Live since: April 11th 2018
    Updates: (11), last November 13th 2018

    It was only a matter of time until Mattel and NetEase’s newest rendition of Uno was brought to the apps store after it found its way to Facebook Messenger in January.

    As you would expect UNO! Features the classic card game but with a new set of features aimed at bringing the classic to a modern audience.

    The first mode called Room Mode allows players to invite their friends in and create their own house rules. Two new cards are also included called “discard all”, which removes one color completely from a player’s hand, and Stack, which piles a player’s pile back into their hand.

    The new Uno also features live tournaments where players can snag various prizes and place on an international leaderboard.

    The second update added a new mode with a random rule set that changes each week, along with the option to save games.

    The fourth update introduced a Global League for players to go head-to-head in and win prizes. The update also offered up a new VIP system and an optimized reconnection system. 

    The sixith update included a new X4 mode for Happy Arena, which will replace X160. A new deck called Sunny Summer was also added to the store. 

    The ninth update added Japanese and Russian to the language pool along with some tweaks to the user interface. 

  • Puzzle Clash Heroes

    Puzzle Clash Heroes logo

    Developer: Ooblada
    Where: Canada, Philippines, UK
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Live since: 22 December 2017
    Updates: (8), last 17 July 2018

    French games developer Ooblada’s free-to-play game Puzzle Clash Heroes boasts a blend of popular genre elements, from puzzles to arena duels, along with some RPG elements for good measure.

    Players garner and train a team of heroes and level them up with victories in the game’s battle system, which combines turn-based strategy and Candy-Crush styled puzzles.

    A story chat feature has also been included to provide some depth and background to the various heroes that can make up a players roaster.

    Heroes within the game can be collected and come with an assignment of power, including legendary and epic rankings.

    The eightieth update altered the power-grid so that it is now shared with your opponent. 

  • The Island: Survival Challenge

    The Island: Survival Challenge logo

    Developer: Endemol Shine
    Where: New Zealand, Luxembourg, United Kingdom
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: April 10th 2018
    Updates: (6), last September 12th 2018

    Making his first appearance on mobile since 2014, with Flappy Bird inspired-title Air Bear Grylls, survivalist expert Bear Grylls is back with The Island: Survival Challenge.

    The free-to-play game puts the player on a remote tropical island with 20 unskilled people. Along with tips from Bear Grylls, users are tasked with leading the team through the trials and tribulations of island life and keeping them motivated in the process.

    Each day brings three new survival challenges and a chance to level-up the islander’s skills to equip them better to survive.

    The Island: Survival Challenge also includes a customisation function that allows players to decorate their camp as they please to add a personal touch.

    The first update included additional energy for survivors, with more attainable from the campfire with additional tasks. 

  • God Eater: Resonate Ops

    God Eater: Resonate Ops logo

    Developer: Bandai Namco
    Where: Japan
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Live since: April 3rd 2018
    Updates: (13), last November 29th 2018

    Bandai Namco’s God Eater: Resonate Ops not only represents the newest instalment in the God Eater series but the first time it’s come to the mobile platform on iOS and Android.

    Currently in soft-launch in Japan, the RPG title is free-to-play with item-based micro-transactions.

    The story continues on from its previous title God Eater 2: Rage Burst and sees humankind in decline, with the game's protagonist thrown into restricted battle zones in the game’s collapsing world.

    Combat is turn-based and features a party system with returning characters from previous games in the series, who all make cameo appearances for specific missions.

    The fourth update laid the groundwork for an upcoming event whilst performing other maintenance, such as adjusting game balance and refurbishing exchange UI.

  • Final Space AR

    Final Space AR logo

    Developer: Time Warner
    Where: United States
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: 17 March 2018
    Updates: (4), last May 24th 2018

    Staying true to trend, internet Indie film marker Olan Rogers and TV host Conan O’Brien’s The Final Space is the latest TV Show/ film to get the augmented reality treatment.

    Gary, Mooncake and the crew will be brought to fan’s phones and will playout various scenes that can be recorded and shared. The free-to-play title will also roll out more content as the show airs more episodes.

    Final Space is an animated adult comedy sci-fi TV series that is currently airing on TBS. Episodes centre on main protagonist Gary and his alien friend Mooncake as they endeavour to unlock the mystery of final space.

  • WWE Universe

    WWE Universe logo

    Developer: Glu Mobile
    Where: New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Spain 
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: February 22nd 2018 
    Updates: (4), December 7th 2018

    With the WWE's biggest show of the year Wrestlemania just months away, the company have teamed up with Glu Mobile to make a game based on the day to day of managing a wrestling company.

    Players can choose to fill their roasters with superstars from every generation such as the Nature Boy Ric Flair to the Phenomenal One AJ Styles and will train them up so they can hit their full potential.

    Alongside the usual training, players will also experience the brand's storylines as wrestlers feud with each other for various reasons.

    WWE Universe will also utilise one-touch controls as wrestlers grapple and hit their signature moves in what aims to be an easy to play experience.

    The second update added a slew of new superstars along with their signature wrestling moves.

  • Angry Birds Blast Island

    Angry Birds Blast Island logo

    Developer: Rovio
    Where: Hong Kong, Taiwan
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: February 1st 2018
    Updates: (5), last July 9th 2018

    After the success of Angry Birds Blast, Rovio is bringing it back for another round in the apparent sequel Angry Birds Blast Island.

    Much like the previous game, you'll be popping two or more connected coloured blocks to clear the screen and score huge points from level to level.

    There's about 500 levels already available, and likely even more to come, as well as daily challenges to take part in.

    There will also be weekly and monthly events to test yourself with, and a global leaderboard where you can show off your balloon popping prowess.

  • Sky: Light Awaits

    Sky: Light Awaits logo

    Developer: thatgamecompany
    Where: Philippines, New Zealand, Sweden and Singapore
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: December 19th 2017
    Updates: (32), last October 10th 2018

    After years making celebrated games for Sony consoles, thatgamecompany is making the leap to mobile with gentle exploration game Sky: Light Awaits.

    Pitched as a social adventure, you're armed with a lit candle and the ability to fly, and it's up to you to restore light to the dark areas of the world.

    You'll need to rope in friends and family to help you out on your adventure, and you'll need to solve puzzles, gift candles, and hold hands if you want to open up even more of the world.

    Though if it's anything like previous games from thatgamecompany, you can just as easily spend eternity wandering around the starting location and still enjoy the calm, gentle nature of the environment.

    The third update adds a Starter Pack to kickstart your adventure, allows cosmetics to be accessed from any shop, and fixes some bugs.

    The ninth update adds two new levels along with a dark creature that will remove emotes if they attack the player.

    The sixteenth update adds a new level called The Eye of Eden along with the Rebirth system, which allows additional story playthroughs and emote upgrades.  

    The twenty-second addition added the ability to play hide and seek with other players, should you have the emote. The updated also overhauled the HUD and UI.

    The twenty-seventh updated included constellation maps, which have been introduced in all levels for players to interact with and receive a beacon guide to an objective.

  • MapleStory Blitz

    MapleStory Blitz logo

    Developer: Nexon
    Where: Australia, Malaysia, Macau, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: November 10th 2017
    Updates: (14), last June 21st 2018

    Remember MMORPG MapleStory? Well, you won't recognise it in Nexon's mobile take on the world, MapleStory Blitz.

    Rather than make a smaller RPG, Nexon has instead taken the themes and settings of the game and used it to make a Clash Royale-style card-based MOBA.

    Players battle in real-time PvP online matches, sending their units down one of three lanes and trying to topple their opposition before they get crushed.

    You'll need to build up a deck of cards to fight with, and level them up as you go so you don't get wiped out by the competition.

    The sixth update adds an emoji-based communication system, updates the tutorial, changes how heroes are acquired, adds a navigation system for beginners, and makes some other balance changes and bug fixes.

    The ninth update brought with it a new season that included a new battleground called Zakum's Altar and a new card pack. 

    The tenth update introduces the new Brand Battle Mode, a PvP arena that introduces a new set of rules such as the "Spear meets Shield" mode which grants players powerful decks to take on equally powerful opponents.  

    The eleventh update, otherwise known as the Luminous update, added a new character along with event quests and a guaranteed hero supply package.

    The Twelfth update added a new battleground called the Temple of Time.  

    The thirteenth update introduced a new hero called Aran, the Master of the polearm.

    The fourteenth update put up 300 NCoins and 30,000 Mesos for new players, along with three new types of event quests.

  • Twist

    Twist logo

    Developer: Jam City
    Where: Argentina, New Zealand, Singapore
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: September 6th 2017
    Updates: (5), last August 6th

    A bit of an odd one this - casual developer Jam City has decided to spread its wings and try a whole new genre with Twist, an interactive fiction portal.

    Players can choose to play through stories from a number of genres, including horror, romance, and comedy, and make their own choices as they play to further the story.

    In Episode fashion, certain choices will be locked behind an IAP, and players can only play a certain number of stories each day.

    But Jam City is also offering a subscription model, allowing players unlimited access to all stories for a set price each week, month, or year.

    After nearly a year without an update Twist has had its look overhauled, a fourth update also added four new episodes 

  • Brick Wizard

    Brick Wizard logo

    Developer: King
    Where: Thailand, Chillie, Poland
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: 26 July 2017
    Updates: (26), last 25 April 2018

    King is on a roll with soft launching games at the moment, and its latest, Brick Wizard, actually looks pretty interesting.

    Appearing at first like a mix of Breakout and Monster Strike (though we are reliably informed it is nothing like the latter), it sees players firing off spells to destroy blocks and batter bad guys to clear the screen and score big points.

    There's also a range of power-ups to deploy if you're in a particularly sticky situation, or if you just want to destroy all the blocks as quickly as possible for a higher score.

    There's currently over 80 levels to work through too, so there's plenty to get your teeth into, and inevitably much more to come.

  • Protostrike

    Protostrike logo

    Developer: Level Eight
    Where: Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: 21 June 2017
    Updates: (3), last 6 December 2017

    Short, fast-paced shooters seem to be working well on mobile at the moment, so Level Eight's Protostrike is primed to be a particularly interesting game.

    Players battle it out in top-down shooting arenas, with just three minutes to run around and kill as many enemies as you can.

    You can also use boosters to give your character different buffs, and a wide variety of weapons to suit all kinds of playstyles.

    There's also weekly leaderboards and skill-based matchmaking, so you can show off your skills to the world both in person and with your name on a list.

    Protostrike has currently been taken down but is expected to be back soon.

  • Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars logo

    Developer: Supercell
    Where: Canada, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: June 15th 2017
    Updates: (15), last December 7th 2018

    Supercell may not be the most prolific of developers, but when it launches a game, it tends to be pretty darned good - and Brawl Stars looks to be no exception.

    A top-down MOBA-esque shooter, the game sees teams of three facing off across a number of different objective-based modes.

    Heroes can be customisted and levelled up as you play to make them crazier and more powerful, and you can form clans with your friends to practice or battle others.

    It's looking tipped to be a new eSport too, so if you're looking to get involved in a potentially lucrative future, this might be the game to get in on before it gets too popular.

    The first update adds a new Brawler, a new skin, and a new map, as well as improving matchmaking and visuals, and fixes some bugs.

    The second update adds two new brawlers, a new game mode, rejigs the season system, makes improvements to the joystick, and makes a few other changes and fixes.

    The third update adds Brawler upgrades into Brawl Boxes, removes the chance of getting duplicate characters, adds a Star Power to each character, and throws in two new game modes and a new hero for good measure.

    The fourth update removes the Coin Booster, adds event tickets to the store, and makes a few balance tweaks and bug fixes.

    The seventh update brought two new Brawlers, two Safes in Heist, two teammates in Duo Showdown and doubled the Key rewards. In addition, it also brought Friends, spectate mode and Trophy Leagues.

    The eightieth update added a selection of skins, such as; dragon knight Jessie, summer Jessie, caveman Frank and phoenix Crow.

  • Rocky Horror: Touch Me

    Rocky Horror: Touch Me logo

    Developer: Rocket Lolly Games
    Where: Denmark, Ireland, Sweden
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: 7 June 2017
    Updates: (5), last 10 November 2017

    If you're a Rocky Horror fan and have often wondered what it would be like to star in your own version of the stage musical, then Rocket Lolly have made your dreams come true with Rocky Horror: Touch Me.

    With just a swipe to the left (sorry), you can dance along to classic Rocky Horror tunes as your favourite characters, scoring points and looking good as you do so.

    Perform well and you'll unlock new body parts to equip, stage sets and props to dance with, and new songs to play along to.

    You can also create your own dances, which will then be played and reviewed by other players, earning you a "fame factor" is people enjoy your creations.

    The first update adds Facecam recording to shared dances using Everyplay, as well as fixing some bugs.

    The second update makes a raft of upgrades and bug fixes, including dropping the initial large file download, and making the tutorial much better.

    The fourth update improves the UI to make actions clearer, and to make the game easier to play on smaller screens.

    The fifth update replaces the random dances on the main menu with a bunch of pre-set dances, and fixes a number of bugs.

    Rocky Horror: Touch Me has currently been taken down but is expected to be back soon.

  • Farm Adventure

    Farm Adventure logo

    Developer: King
    Where: Philippines, Chillie, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Canada, Taiwan, Portugal
    Platforms: Android
    Live since: May 30th 2017
    Updates: (15), last July 26th 2018

    Not content with just one Farm Heroes game, King is back with another trip to the countryside in Farm Adventure (or Farm Heroes 2, according to its package name).

    As one might expect, it's a match-3 title - you'll need to swipe columns and rows of fruits and veg together to score points, clear the board, and complete objectives.

    You can also customise your farm as you go to add your own personality to proceedings, as well as hang out with a range of cute animals who will all be your friend.

    And to carry on a recent King trend, the game will have "glossy 3D graphics" to appeal to the high-quality visuals crowd.

    The fifteenth update added in-app purchases and a new tutorial. 

  • Rocksmith

    Rocksmith logo

    Developer: Ubisoft
    Where: Canada
    Platforms: iOS
    Live since: May 16th 2017
    Updates: (19), last November 20th 2018

    Rocksmith is a pretty good piece of kit and found its original home on PC and console, but now Ubisoft is giving it a new lease of life with a mobile release, also called Rocksmith.

    Using a guitar jack adaptor musicians use to record their guitar on an iPad, Rocksmith allows guitarists and bassists to play along with songs, learning them on an actual instrument at their own pace.

    You can repeat a section at different speeds and as many times as you like, and you can watch and interact with video tutorials to teach you particular parts of guitar playing.

    And since it's on mobile, it's free-to-start - you get four songs with the download, and you can add more to your catalogue by purchasing new tracks.

    The tenth update makes the game available to play on iPhone and iPod, and offers up a free song to download.

    The fourteenth update integrates Facebook, so players no longer need to create a new account to play the game, as well as improving the UI for songs requiring a capo and allowing more control over difficulty settings.

    The seventeenth update brought in a new Course Mode so students could track their personal progression through a curriculum designed to teach basic techniques and familiar songs.

  • Tom Clancy's ShadowBreak

    Tom Clancy's ShadowBreak logo

    Developer: Ubisoft
    Where: Canada, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: March 29th 2017
    Updates: (9), last July 27th 2017

    It was only a matter of time before the Clash Royale imitators started rushing out of the floodgates, but Ubisoft's attempt with Tom Clancy's ShadowBreak looks very interesting indeed.

    Instead of just sending your troops down lanes against your opponent, you'll be both micromanaging your units and providing covering fire through your high-power sniper rifle.

    You'll also be unlocking new weapons and gear to kit out yourself and your team to make sure you have the advantage over your enemy.

    There's scope here for it to become an eSport too, with Ubisoft promising an "endless tournament" structure for top players to continually duke it out for the number one spot.

    The second update adds two new maps to play around in, overhauls the stats on squadmates, improves the auto-deploy feature, and makes challenges easier.

    The third update adds clans, four new units, a new gun, new gun perks and gear cards, French and Spanish language support, and makes some smaller changes to gameplay.

    The fifth update adds a new Clan crate that the whole clan can work towards opening, along with two new units and some new gear.

    The eightieth update brought in a new PVE mode called Daily Onslaught along with balance updates on Units, Gear, Guns and Perks.

  • Temple Run: Treasure Hunters

    Temple Run: Treasure Hunters logo

    Developer: Scopely
    Where: Australia, Philippines, Romania
    Platforms: Android, iOS
    Live since: November 30th 2016
    Updates: (17), last October 31st 2018

    Treasure and match-3 seem to go hand-in-hand since they both usually involve gems, so maybe Temple Run: Treasure Hunters (formerly Treasure Hunters!) isn't such a wild idea after all.

    You'll be solcing puzzles through match-3 mechanics as your character delves deep into over 100 levels of tomb-raiding looking for the titular treasure.

    You can also customise your character as you see fit, and the game promises hidden paths, a variety of game modes, and plenty of other distractions to keep you entertained.

    The third update increases the number of levels to over 200, and adds new boosters to help with trickier levels.

    An eleventh update came nine-months after its predecessor. The "all-new" Temple Run Treasure Hunters features redesigned puzzles and gameplay.

    The fourteenth update introduced a slew of new levels along with a new store to purchase items from.



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Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Elex soft launched Call of Duty: Global Operations in November, Activision soft launched Call of Duty: Legends of War in December and King Soft Launched Call of Duty Shooter (Unreleased) test version in January.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Microsoft soft launched Gears Pop on Android
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
King Soft Launched Candy Crush Cubes, Candy Crush Tales, and Call of Duty Shooter on Android.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
King soft launched Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga on Android in February 2016
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
King soft launched Farm Heroes Champions on Android November 4th
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Chiboa Games soft launch a PVP Monopoly Go in September.
Kirill Keremzhanov
Scopely soft-launched Star Trek: Fleet Command both iOS and Android in New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway
Dasol Ryu Member at Haegin
Homerun Clash, Home Run derby battle Game, is in Softlaunch (AU, CA, MY, NL, PH, and SG):



I’m the Community Manager of Homerun Clash (Developer: Heagin Corp.). We’d be really appreciated to see our App on your list.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Jam City soft launched World of Doh on Android September 18th in Phillipines.
exauce tabaka head of division
Well a new challenger has arrived


this new game is a serious contender for the 50 top games in soft launch

the current ranking is about to blow before christmas this year
Kirill Keremzhanov
looks like jam city killed twist
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
They canceled that version of Twist but then resoft launched another one like 4 months later called Twist: Stories You Star In.
Kirill Keremzhanov
Garena softlaunched western version of Contra Returns on Philippines AppStore
Iain Harris Staff Writer at Steel Media
Good eye!
Richard Dekker
Social Point soft launched Legends at War for iOS.
Teut Weidemann
Legend of Solgard seems to have launched worldwide yesterday
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
King soft launched Knights of Fury in Android on July 20th
Cody Benner
KIng has soft launched a new game called Knights of Fury


Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Eve: War of Ascension has soft launched on Android May 31st by Kongregate.
Chemseddine Henni Lead Community & Support Manager at Ooblada
This new Multiplayer Match-3/RPG is in Softlaunch (Canada & Philippines):



I'm their Community Manager :) We'd all love to see our baby App visible on your prestigious outlet, and would be very grateful for the opportunity!
Rael Hodgson
installing now thanks
Chemseddine Henni Lead Community & Support Manager at Ooblada
Thank you ! :)
Rael Hodgson
you used the font from brawl stars I see
Cody Benner
New Uno Game from Mattel163 Limited (Mattel and NetEase)

Qian Peng
I found a interesting game from Halfbrcik called Raskulls:Onlin

Beta site :https://raskullsonline.com/beta/
Léo Lesêtre Game Designer
The last installment in the Asphalt series by Gameloft, Asphalt 9: Legends, went live in the Philippines a few hours ago, seems promising. It may be worth checking on.
Rael Hodgson
thanks for the heads up
Rael Hodgson
found 2 VPNs that have philippenes server, vyprvpn and expressvpn - vypr gave me server error but express let me play. It looks very nice on ipad pro 2
jon jordan
Gameloft seem to IP lock most of their games
Rael Hodgson
its IP locked too
Rael Hodgson
Lego Quest and collect is closing in feb
Manuel Antonio Sanchez Villalba
Popcorn Time Quiz is on iOS in Spain and Mexico. And full launched in Android. https://ec44m.app.goo.gl/PopcornTime
Kirill Keremzhanov
Candy Crush Friends is available on iOS in Chile
Kirill Keremzhanov
king moved ios version to belgium store
Kirill Keremzhanov
Does anyone managed to launch Sky: Light Awaits without Philippines proxy?
Ross Jones Co-Founder at Fat Cigar Productions Ltd
We'll also be releasing Street Kart (multiplayer, real time AAA racing game) into soft launch very soon.
Rael Hodgson
which country please?
Bruno Fehr
Football Empire
Live in PH and SE
Rigoberto Tovar Ramos
Legends to the top 1 ❤️
Simon Frayberg
I think Marvel Strike Force is worth a mention.
Kirill Keremzhanov
King's Stellar: Galaxy Commander seems to be canned, it disappeared both from appstore and google play.

Armello from League of Geeks is soft-launched on iOS in New Zealand and Australia
Aaron Knowles
Can we actually play shadow fight 3 yet or is it still region locked
Denys Moisin Director at JOX Development LLC
Orbia is soft launched on iOS (in Canada and Ukraine) and Android open beta.
Kirill Keremzhanov
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is soft launched on iOS and Android in Australia.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Seriously soft launched Best Fiends Rivals on IOS in Finland on October 25th
Wayne Bruce CTO at Zwing Games
Zwing Games has soft launched "Keno Prime" on iOS and Android in Canada, Australia and India. Just search Keno Prime on respective your phone's app store app.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Hutch Games soft launched MMX Hill Dash 2 on Android in New Zealand on October 12th.
Paul Kohler
Legends of Solgard has finally soft launched on ios as of October 5, 2017 in the Phillipines! I have been checking many stores almost daily for this one! Loved Might and Magic Clash of Heroes and played the campaign at least twice, and the multiplayer vs battles for years. Could not believe someone hadn't successfully copied or re-invented this formula because its really fun. Here's hoping Legend of Solgard is just as addictive!
Paul Kohler
Solgard is sooooo disappointing. It's sad because the images look soo much like Might and Magic Clash of Heroes...and the battle mechanics are basically similar, but that's about where that charm stops.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Capcom Soft launched Puzzle Fighter on Android and IOS in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore on September 27th

Wartide: Heroes or Atlantis once again soft launched on Android and IOS in Singapore and Philippines on August 23rd this time by Kongregate.
Nick Meißner
Ric Cowley, if you would read the comments you could add much more new games to the list.
Craig Chapple Editor at PocketGamer.biz
Hi Nick, we're trying to keep this list as the 'top games in soft launch' and limit the number to roughly 50 (give or take a few companies), which is why some games don't get added. If we feel they are particularly significant, we'll add them. We do of course read the comments to see what the community has spotted, so thank you for your support.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Kiloo soft launched Dragons and Diamonds on July 12th and soft launched Tank Heads - Online PvP Arena Battles on March 26th.
Raziel Dungeon Arena
I'd like to add our game if possible. I saw it on pocketgamer -- but not here on pocketgamer.biz

Raziel: Dungeon Arena
Developer: Indra (Guangzhou Di Shi Tian Software)
Where: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore
Platforms: iOS (Android coming soon)
Live since: 02 August 2017
Last update: 09 September 2017 (Ver 1.3)
Nick Meißner
reading comments is hard :D
Jordan Shumate
I am currently seeing a match 3 game by Jam City in soft launch on the Philippines Appstore and Google Play called Safari Smash. I pulled most of the following info from the app's listing in the Appstore.

Game Title : Safari Smash
Developer : Jam City, Inc.
Where : Philippines
Platforms : Android, iOS
Live Since : 10 March 2017
Updates : (12) last 30 August 2017
Nick Meißner
Taichi panda 3 softlaunched in NZ and AU
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
King removed Stellar: Galaxy Commander from both IOS and Android.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
At the moment the servers on the game seems to still be running.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Homescapes is now soft launched on Android
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Netmarble soft launched Phatomgate on IOS and Android in Australia on August 8th. Nekki soft launched Shadow Fight 3 beta in Canada on July 18th but for those who got in invite.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
PikPok soft launched Into The Dead 2 on IOS in Australia
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
It's also available on the appstore in Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Now soft launched on Android
Gray Duce
Clicking the link to view the list doesn't work. It just reloads the same page. Just thought you'd like to know.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
It's fixed
Vadim Smirnov
Here we go!
Track upcoming events in Brawl Stars Game and you profile progress in Brawl Stars Companion application:

Kirill Keremzhanov
Candy Crush Friends Saga seems to be no longer present on Philippines app store
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Candy Crush Friends Saga is available again.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Looks like Candy Crush Friend Saga has been canned.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
On July 27th, King soft launched another game on Android called Brick Wizard it's a mixture of the Breakout clone from 1976 and Monster Strike.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
I was wrong it is nothing like Monster Strike.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Kongregate soft launched adVenture Communist on Android.
Min Zhang
South park has a f2p...I wonder if they reference their f2p episode
Thomas Streetman Community Relations Manager at Smilegate
Great list you have here. Very useful!

I would like to add a game to the list if possible,

Developer: Smilegate Megaport / Red Sahara Studio
Where: Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Nigeria
Platforms: Android / iOS
Live since: 20 June 2017
Last update: 13 July 2017

Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Glyph Quest Chronicles and WWE Tap has been released World Wide.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Gameloft has soft launched yet another game called Dead Rivals on IOS and Android
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Assassin's Creed: Rebellion, Candy Crush Friends Saga Angry Birds Match, Mighty Battles, Snipers vs Thieves, Toon Blast, War Planet Online: Global Conquest, Lineage 2 Revolution and Modern Combat Versus is all on Android. Snoopy Pop has been released worldwide. And Warner Bros has soft launch Game of Thrones: Conquest (Unreleased) Android and IOS.
Nicholas Skelton
Got another question.
Normally when games get released but only in a certain region ie during soft launch/beta etc, the APK is normally available for that game so people outside that region can play it.
However game of thrones: conquest has been released in phillipines but nowhere has the APK for it, justly wandering why there is no APK for game of thrones: conquest atm?
I'm not an expert when it comes to this kind of stuff so there might be a simple reason why.
If you could let me know that would be great.

Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Apkmirror has the newest version of the apk
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
I found a APK of the game a few weeks ago and I downloaded it but once I did it keep telling me to download the update but I could not for the life of me find out where the updated APK is. And the reason there isn't any APKs for Game of Thrones Conquest it depends on where the game has soft launched how many people knows about the game. A lot of people use VPN to download the game from the Google Play or something but sometimes VPN doesn't work for it. So it depends. Hopefully one will be released soon. I'm not a genius with these things either that's a out all I am able to tell you about that.
Nicholas Skelton
I've been following game of thrones: conquest since it was announced back in 2015.
It was soft launched in the Philippines around the 28th June but there is very little info or timeline about when it's going to be fully launched etc.
I don't suppose anyone has any rough idea, heard anything or from your past experiences of soft launches of other games be able to tell me a rough time when u think it will be released globally?
Will it be weeks or months?

Any help would be great

Thanks :)
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
All I can tell you at the moment is will most definitely be out by the end of 2017. Like you said it's been in development since 2015 so it shouldn't be much longer
Wild Boar
Thanks for keeping this list going! I check it frequently, much appreciated!
Pavel Tokarev BizDev at Stanga Games
Underworld Football Manager

Developer: Stanga Games
Where: UK, Germany, France,..
Platforms: iOS, GP
Live since: 2015
Updates: last 6 June 2017

Never ever mentioned on PocketGamer ;-)
Craig Chapple Editor at PocketGamer.biz
Watch this space... ;)
Damian Żer
and snipers vs thieves is not available in the UK so why is UK on the list?
Ric Cowley Staff Writer at PocketGamer.biz
UK Early Access on Android!
Damian Żer
oh, thanks!
Damian Żer
injustice 2 is also available in the UK
Damian Żer
asphalt streetstorm racing is also avaible in Ukraine
Nick Meißner
not even 1 new game updated into the list xD do you even read comments?
Craig Chapple Editor at PocketGamer.biz
Hi Nick, we of course keep track of the comments and try to update this on a weekly basis. We'll be updating again in a week's time so keep a look out, though we're trying to keep the list at around 50 entries at the moment. Thanks for your suggestions and support!
Wild Boar
Also, MonstroCity had been released worldwide
Nick Meißner
Modern combat VS is region locked right now on philipines you need a vpn to play it
Nick Meißner
Crusaders of light is soft launched today its an mmo like Order and Chaos from gameloft preregister for offical launch here https://crusadersoflight.com/

Regions=Australia,New Zealand,Malaysia and Phlipines NA comes later
John Constantine Fhj at Jfh
Why there is no Injustice 2 in the list? It's out for 1.5 months already, so questions arise about page's relevance.
Ric Cowley Staff Writer at PocketGamer.biz
Good spot! It can be tricky keeping an eye on fourty-odd games while trying to find other ones to add in too when it's just me handling the page, so I appreciate the help :)
Any RPGs similar to Summoners War or Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in soft launch/beta testing?
Jean-Baptiste Raynaud
That Might & Magic one looks like a good fit for you dude :)
Ric Moore
Dragon's watch
cant find the might and magic APK anywhere. do you have any ideas?
Ned Phil Smith
Do you play Summoners War? I know a game that is coming out in May that I think will actually be better than Summoners War and take over the Mobile RPG community.
Ned Phil Smith
Ned whats the game?
Noyon Das Jimmy
Dear sir I am was so upset because I was big frnd of glu.but 1 year past why glu don't lunch deer hunter 2018 or dino hunter 2.I don't know but I am waiting for those game.My dream is play this game.I have WiFi now but glu not lunched any hunting in middle of 2016-17.dear sir plz lunched those hunting game.I request u sir.plz
Raphael Alexander
N.O.V.A Legacy is in soft launch somewhere and it's just as bad as I thought it would be.
Nick Meißner
cant see the list anymore ;/
Craig Chapple Editor at PocketGamer.biz
Seemed to be a weird glitch on the site, should be fixed now!
Nick Meißner
Clive Bennett All of the above
TAP SUMMONER - 'WINNER of the 'Best In Show Audience Choice' award - Casual Connect Asia 2016 - Soft Launching this week
Magnus S CEO at Triolith Entertainment
World Hockey Manager is in soft launch in the Czech Republic.
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
TitanFall: Frontier has been cancelled
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
I mean Frontline
Nick Meißner
Gangster 5 Is in softlaunch
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Lego Quest, Angry Birds Evolution, Fightlings, Legacy of Zeus and Rabbit Crazy Rush are all soft Launched on android, and Pet Monsters has been cancelled.
Nick Meißner
new list?
Agree this needs to be updated...
Nick Meißner
Same games in soft launch forever? i bet there are many other games in softlaunch
Aaron Knowles
So is hero by king..been dead since June.
Samantha Aber
Soulz: Majesty, a new strategic battle RPG game is currently in beta testing on Google Play! (http://bit.ly/Soulz)
Paul Anthony
Can you guys do a better job of updating this please. Dragon Stadium is dead for gods sake.
Ric Cowley Staff Writer at PocketGamer.biz
Just me running the show! Android version is still listed on App Annie as being available and some games have come back from update gaps this long, so I left it in the list in case it made a miraculous recovery.
Ned Phil Smith
Make sure you look into the English Release of Onmyoji
Tommy Logan Video Game Developer
Angry birds Blast and The Trail are both soft launched on Android I don't know exactly where though and Angry Birds Goal! Is now called Angry Birds Football!
Filipe Rodrigues
Yesterday that game Wilbur from King was renamed to Bubble Witch 3 (in soft launch yet)
Ric Cowley Staff Writer at PocketGamer.biz
Called it! Thanks for the heads up :)
Wild Boar
Warlords is now in iOS soft-launch in the Phillipines!!
And yes, it's awesome
THanks great tip!
Bruno Sousa
Goodgame Studios is based in Germany not United Kingdom!
Ric Cowley Staff Writer at PocketGamer.biz
The "Where" is where the game is soft-launched, not where the develop is based :)
Clive Bennett All of the above
Rising Warriors is also on soft launch at the moment (June 2016) , a clan battle strategy game https://itunes.apple.com/CA/app/id1088263864
Nick Meißner
No new games since 1 month
Alin Sofian
Is Survivor Squad removed from the App Store? I see it's not anymore appearing on the list.. :(
Ric Cowley Staff Writer at PocketGamer.biz
Yes, unfortunately. I haven't seen anything to say it's been cancelled, however, but after so long in development it wouldn't be surprising.
Anyone see Warlods up on the Sweden or Australia App store?
Wild Boar
It's really annoying that you don't include the platform for these games.
Minitropolis and Warlords, for example, are Android only right now.

I found that out at ter searching 5 different app stores, scouring Facebook pages, and writing the developers.
You could just include the info in the header.

jon jordan
Good point. We'll see what we can do
Wild Boar
Awesome, thank you!
I check this page religiously, really appreciate the work you put into it.
Frankie Grey
Wow cool, how do you discover all these soft launch?
jon jordan
Ric's an app store detective
Nicolas Godement-Berline
Thanks so much for the feature!! Check out Dungeon Monsters if you like old school dungeon crawlers, and any feedback is welcome :)
Boyana Nikolova VP, Business Development at Halfbrick Studios
Thank you so much Chris and team!
The feature of Star Skater means a lot, we really appreciate it!
We are so excited about this one and we'll keep you updated as it progresses towards global launch. Catch up soon! :)
Adrian Rusu Marketing Executive at Amused Sloth
Thank you for featuring Asgard Run, we're honored to be in such company. Check the game out and let us know what you think about it.
Robin Squire Marketing Director at PlayRaven
Thanks for the mention! In addition to soft launching in the territories you listed, we're also really keen to hear feedback from players on all our titles, and will often send out beta invites via submission on playraven.com/beta as well as from our game sites. Also... Next release is Winterstate, more on that soon :)
Jesse America
It's also available in the Dutch Appstore.
Studs Terkleton PM
Just wanted to say that I love these updates!
The Ember Conflict
Thanks for the shout-out Chris!
Just wanted to let everyone know, we've just updated our Soft Launch build to 2.0.3.

We've added loads of new features, including Shareable Replays, Chat & Friends, Leaderboards and more.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

KỉNiệm CómấyKhivui
محمد العراقي
With an affinity for eccentricity, as well as anything macabre or just plain weird, Chris searches for the games that fly under the radar. If you ask him, anything can be a game. Oh, and a game can be about anything, if you put enough thought into it. So, there.
Atypical BigMakk
This is what these days people dare to call a "good line-up" of upcoming "great" "games" ?
They all look the same, same graphics style, same boring combat system and yeah, nice f2p monetization.

I ask you this: what is new in term of gameplay that they bring to the table, that makes them worthy of our attention ?

And the answer lies in the pictures and gameplay videos. That is: NOTHING.

We are living the days of easy money grabs. Pick a successful title, now play it, see what mechanics drive it.
Ask your dev team or friends if you can make a clone of it fast.
Then pick an epic title, color it cute (maybe even add a new mechanic or change one mechanic that you didn't like in the original) and sell it as something new.

PS: Don't forget to invest massively in user acquisition inorder to boost it to the top and boast after about download numbers.
Adam Khan Manager, Business Intelligence at Activision Blizzard
Let us know when you launch your groundbreaking game that is going to show the industry everything it is doing wrong.
Roope Rainisto Founder at Selfhug Studios
I feel your pain. As a dev I feel the pain: I just launched Number Chef http://www.numberchef.com/ - it's totally new gameplay, not a clone of any game - but then again, no fancy graphics, big budgets or big f2p monetization. Try telling that story to the world. :/ (Well, but I am trying.)
jon jordan
hello Atypical.

Surely if it was that simple, every game would be a massive success, which clearly is not the case.

"We are living the days of easy money grabs". I disagree. Maybe in 2010/2011 you could do this on the App Store. Now you have to invest millions and know exactly what you are doing to have any chance of success.

Currently, there is a certain way of F2P monetisation, but you could say exactly the same thing about the gameplay of console shooters.
Simone Alpha
So what if people want to make money? The true sin of what you mention is the lazy design, lack of innovation and overall mass cloning. F2p monetization itself isn't bad. People need money. This should drive innovation, but Alas, as you say, it doesn't. I'm making a game with a very creative core mechanic (action, not bullshit turn based), an intuitive UI and nice user flows/UX, but WITH RPG elements. Why? to make money. It's not a sin. It will help me further innovate. This should be the state of the market.
Valentina Ciolino Senior Account Manager at Dimoso
What about Earthcore Shattered Elements? It's available in Canada and will launch in Q1.
Abhay Arya
The Game 'Ultimate Zombie Fighting' is also in Soft Launch on google play in Canada, Italy and Mexico. Will launch next month. Let me know what you guys think of it.
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