Terra Battle punches above its weight in France and Japan

Top grossing on 1.5 million downloads

Terra Battle punches above its weight in France and Japan

Taking inspiration from the stretch goals of crowdfunding sites, Japanese developer Mistwalker has been announcing and releasing new content as its RPG Terra Battle hits new download milestones.

Something of a niche product from the creators of the Final Fantasy series, total downloads across the App Store and Google Play are now 1.5 million - up from 1 million in November.

That total has triggered the release of new characters from Final Fantasy illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, a new story scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, and the production of a physical Terra Battle figure.


In the big scheme of things, 1.5 million is not a large download total.

Still, following on from our Charticle when 1 million downloads was announced, the game continues to find strong grossing support in certain markets.

Unsurprisingly, Japan has been the game's #1 market, with a peak of #20 on the Google Play top grossing charts and #13 on the iPhone App Store.

In France, it's hit peaks of #23 and #22 on the respective stores, also outperforming Japan on iPhone.

As our graphs show, however, Terra Battle has been in steady decline since its October launch, although it remains around and about the top 100; something Mistwalker will hope to boost when the promised co-op multiplayer mode is released.

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