17 exclusive fireside chats from Pocket Gamer Connects London

HyprMX speaks to leading industry experts about their work in the mobile games industry

17 exclusive fireside chats from Pocket Gamer Connects London

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2018 was bigger and badder than ever.

Conference content was fresh and innovative, with major players including Jagex, Gram Games and Space Ape Games taking center stage

The conference was attended by nearly 2,000 industry professionals from over 50 countries. And while the conference may be over, key insights from top developers are long-lasting.

Candid interviews

At the event PocketGamer.biz teamed up with HyprMX (a leader in brand ad monetisation) to kick off an intimate new interview series with celebrated industry leaders.

These candid one-on-one conversations provide unfettered access to best-in-class strategies, insights and predictions for 2018 and beyond.

This first edition of the fireside chat series includes 17 conversations with executives from Hatch, Game Insight, Bandai Namco, Dirtybit and Seriously, just to name a few. Sit back, take notes and enjoy!

Content highlights include:

  • Creating original and engaging content
  • Monetising with new ad formats across genres and geographies
  • Innovation in game streaming
  • Developing mobile games with deep brand integrations in mind
  • Best practices for integrating rewarded video
  • Expanding IPs outside of games
  • How to keep audiences hooked

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  • Fireside chat: Hatch's Vesa Jutila

    Fireside chat featuring Hatch co-founder Vesa Jutila on developing a new type of game as a service business.

  • Fireside chat: SYBO Games' Bodie Jahn-Mulliner

    SYBO Games founder and president Bodie Jahn-Mulliner on expanding IP beyond the game.

  • Fireside chat: Game Insight's Anatoly Ropotov

    Game Insight CEO Anatoly Ropotov offers insights on balancing user experience and monetisation.

  • Fireside chat: Gram Games' Eren Yanik

    Gram Games CRO Eren Yanik on understanding different genres of players

  • Fireside chat: Seriously's Matt McMahon

    Seriously SVP of business development Matt McMahon on building a next generation content studio.

  • Fireside chat: Bandai Namco's Jeferson Valadares

    Bandai Namco GM / VP of Product Jeferson Valadares on country-based game monetisation strategies.

  • Fireside chat: Jagex's Cassia Curran

    Jagex head of business development Cassia Curran on developing games for cross-platform usage.

  • Fireside chat: Kuuhubb's Oliver Kern

    Kuuhubb head of monetisation Oliver Kern on continuously improving ad formats.

  • Fireside chat: DECA's Ken Go

    DECA founder Ken Go on giving new life to older games.

  • Fireside chat: Wooga's Lisa Pak

    Wooga senior ad monetisation manager Lisa Pak on how to monetize the “hidden objects” genre

  • Fireside chat: Fingersoft's Daniel Rantala

    Fingersoft VP of publishing Daniel Rantala on testing new placements and app features.

  • Fireside chat: Dirtybit's Anette Staloy

    Dirtybit VP of business and marketing Anette Staloy on making popular games for every genre.

  • Fireside chat: Fluffy Fairy Games' Daniel Stammler

    Fluffy Fairy Games co-CEO Daniel Stammler on how to revolutionise idle games.

  • Fireside chat: Lockwood Publishing's Halli Bjornsson

    Lockwood Publishing CEO Halli Bjornsson on working with brand advertisers.

  • Fireside chat: Dodreams' Erik Pontiskoski

    Dodreams CEO Erik Pontiskoski on delivering shareable game moments.

  • Fireside chat: Pixowl's Sebastien Borget

    Pixowl COO and co-founder Sebastien Borget on working with owned and licensed IPs.

  • Fireside chat: Animoca Brands' Robby Yung

    Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung on developing mobile games for big brands

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