18 exclusive fireside chats from Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018

HyprMX interviews the industry's leading lights at the show

18 exclusive fireside chats from Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018

HyprMX teamed up with Pocket Gamer on their Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco conference to film a round of fireside chats with industry leaders.

Following on the success of the first series filmed at the PGC London conference in January, this round includes interviews with Niantic, Jam City, Epic, CryptoKitties and Wargaming.

The big interviews

These candid conversations provide insight into the latest industry developments, including new technologies, monetisation strategies and predictions for 2018 and beyond.

The San Francisco edition of the fireside chats includes eighteen interviews covering a wide-range of topics that include:

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency-based games
  • Leveraging IP
  • Monetisation strategies with new ad formats
  • Transitioning from PC or console to mobile
  • Breaking into the Chinese market
  • Long-term audience retention
  • Game localisation

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  • 1 Fireside chat: Niantic’s Ross Finman

    Niantic’s AR mapping lead Ross Finman on augmented reality's exciting potential and its real-life applications.

  • 2 Fireside chat: Jam City’s Brian Sapp

    Jam City’s VP of user acquisition marketing Brian Sapp on machine optimisation and its implications for the future.

  • 3 Fireside chat: Magmic’s Valerie Husky

    Valerie Husky, director of ad monetization at Magmic, on setting up optimal waterfalls and choosing the right partners.

  • 4 Fireside chat: Wargaming’s Dennis Sullivan

    Dennis Sullivan, director of product at Wargaming, on bringing PC-centric games to mobile.

  • 5 Fireside chat: Big Blue Bubble’s Bryan Davis

    Big Blue Bubble’s SVP of Business Development, Bryan Davis, on driving long-term retention in mobile games.

  • 6 Fireside chat: Tapas’ Josh Bakken

    Josh Bakken, head of innovation at Tapas, on the opportunities of an open publishing platform and its IP resources.

  • 7 Fireside chat: CryptoKitties’ Benny Giang

    CryptoKitties co-founder Benny Giang on the story behind the world’s biggest blockchain-based game.

  • 8 Fireside chat: Epic’s Christian Allen

    Christian Allen, Unreal Engine evangelist at Epic, on the factors behind Fortnite's success.

  • 9 Fireside chat: Zenjoy’s Victoria Lin

    Victoria Lin, director of business development at Zenjoy, on the barrier of entry for interactive live streaming.

  • 10 Fireside chat: Andrew Green (stealth projects)

    Andrew Green on generating virality in Facebook Instant Games Messenger games.

  • 11 Fireside chat: Mobile Game Doctor’s Dave Rohrl

    Dave Rohrl, founder of Mobile Game Doctor, on aligning creative teams during the design process.

  • 12 Fireside chat: DigitalDevConnect’s Josh Burns

    Josh Burns, founder of DigitalDevConnect, on the Android ad ecosystem in China and breaking into the Asian market.

  • 13 Fireside chat: Gameloft’s Andy Chiang

    Gameloft’s user acquisition manager Andy Chiang on staying adaptable to industry trends and consumer behaviour.

  • 14 Fireside chat: Rebellion Games’ Chris Kingsley

    Rebellion Games co-founder and CTO Chris Kingsley on using proprietary technology across a range of platforms.

  • 15 Fireside chat: Gumi’s Masaru Ohnogi

    Gumi’s CPO Masaru Ohnogi on navigating the international mobile gaming market.

  • 16 Fireside chat: Deemedya / Game of Whales’ Doron Kagan

    Doron Kagan, CEO of Deemedya / Game of Whales, on leveraging AI to learn and predict user behaviour.

  • 17 Fireside chat: EverdreamSoft’s Nicolas Sierro

    EverdreamSoft product manager Nicolas Sierro on integrating blockchain into the gaming experience.

  • 18 Fireside chat: Hedgie’s Stas Zlobinski

    Hedgie’s CEO Stas Zlobinski on keeping game design the central focus in a cryptocurrency-based game.

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