VIDEO: Games industry investment power panel

Six experts deal out advice on raising money and offer their thoughts on initial coin offerings

VIDEO: Games industry investment power panel

So you missed Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018? Or you fancy re-watching your favourite sessions?

Well it’s a good job you’re here! We have all the sessions available for your viewing pleasure.

Show Me The Money

We've been putting together a list of the videos from across our PGC tracks, which you can find right here.

Here we've got our impressive games industry investment power panel, starring:

  • Rachel Cook (Seeds)
  • Jim Ying (CVCapital)
  • Josh Burns (DigitalDevConnect)
  • Shanti Bergel (FunPlus)
  • Miko Matsumura (Gumi Ventures)
  • Julia Palatovska (StartupFounder)

The six discuss everything from initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency in general to how to raise money and what investors look for from developers.

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