17 one-on-one interviews with games industry leaders at PGC London 2019

Spend some time with a stellar lineup of industry pros including Supersolid, Playtika, Nanobit, PlayStack, and Super Evil Megacorp

17 one-on-one interviews with games industry leaders at PGC London 2019

Last year’s popular fireside chat series returned to Pocket Gamer Connects London in 2019.

HyprMX, a leading all-brand ad network, and PocketGamer.biz once again joined forces to capture insights from the industry’s top professionals in one-on-one interviews.

Guests shared years of experience and knowledge on user segmentation, the evolution of hyper-casual games, IAP/monetisation balance, and even the best pub in London (hint: any of them).

Take a few minutes and spend some time with a stellar lineup of industry pros including Supersolid, Playtika, Nanobit, PlayStack, and Super Evil Megacorp.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Using machine learning to scale success
  • Qualities publishers are looking for in their next title
  • How player expectations affect monetisation strategies
  • In-genre growth and evolution
  • Challenges in the game industry and how to solve them
  • Leveraging and marketing successful mobile IPs
  • Mobile as an e-sport platform
  • Industry trends within the investment space
  • Developing games geared toward women
  • Cross-platform play and more

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  • Fireside chat: Supersolid's Elizaveta Kostyukhina

    "People expect ads in games now - they expect rewarded video."

    Product manager Elizaveta Kostyukhina on Supersolid's decision to change up their monetisation strategy.

  • Fireside chat: Homa Games Jon Hook

    Jon Hook, CRO of Homa Games - the studio behind the number one hit game Balls VS Lasers - on the company's origins and the exponential growth in the hyper-casual space.

  • Fireside chat: Tilting Point's Samir El Agili

    Tilting Point president Samir El Agili on how the ad revenue "revolution" has upended the mobile games industry and using machine learning to scale apps to success.

  • Fireside chat: Playtika Growth Investments' Eric Rapps

    Eric Rapps, managing director of Playtika Growth Investments, on how Playtika is poised to become the largest mobile games company in the world.

  • Fireside chat: Gogii Games' George Donovan

    George Donovan retired at the age of 30 - so what brought him back to the games industry? Keep watching for the full story behind Gogii Games.

  • Fireside chat: Lab Cave's Enric Pedro

    Enric Pedro, CMO of Lab Cave, on the unique position in which the company sits as both a publisher and service provider.

  • Fireside chat: Nanobit's Tomislav Gojevic

    Tomislav Gojevic, business development and project manager at Nanobit, on the success of their game My Story and the popularity of the storytelling genre.

  • Fireside chat: Tripledot Studios' Akin Babayigit

    Akin Babayigit, co-founder and COO of Tripledot Studios, on company's origins and what kind of games they look out for when adding to their portfolio.

  • Fireside chat: PlayStack's Harvey Elliott

    Harvey Elliott, CEO of PlayStack, on the problems he saw in the games industry and why he started PlayStack to address them.

  • Fireside chat: Fusebox Games' Nathalie Wood

    Nathalie Wood of Fusebox Games on what it's like marketing the gamified version of one of the most popular reality TV shows in the UK - Love Island.

  • Fireside chat: Fusebox Games' Michael Othen

    Michael Othen, co-founder and creative director of Fusebox Games, on their wildly popular Love Island app and why the show translates naturally into a game.

  • Fireside chat: London Venture Partners' Jon Bellamy

    Jon Bellamy, associate at London Venture Partners, on industry trends and what the firm looks for when investing in games.

  • Fireside chat: Madfinger Games' Marek Rabas

    CEO Marek Rabas on how Madfinger came to be, and how the company's monetisation strategy has evolved over the years.

  • Fireside chat: Cherrypick Games' Martin Krasnica

    Martin Krasnica, CEO and co-founder of Cherrypick Games on developing female-oriented apps and how their most popular titles came to be.

  • Fireside chat: Fingersoft's Sami Saari

    Sami Saari, marketing director of Fingersoft, on the unique challenges and opportunities in being both a game developer and publisher.

  • Fireside chat: Super Evil Megacorp's Taewon Yun

    Taewon Yun, general manager of global publishing at Super Evil Megacorp on mobile as an e-sport platform, and why he's excited about cross-platform play.

  • Fireside chat: Sparkling Society's Vincent van Diemen

    Vincent van Diemen, COO and studio manager at Sparkling Society, on the success of their City Island series and how their monetisation strategy has evolved.

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