Freeverse: Prepare for more detailed, more immersive games

Loving the options of iPad's larger screen

Freeverse: Prepare for more detailed, more immersive games
One of the game developers to make the most of Apple hardware over the past 15 years, US studio Freeverse is keen to cut its teeth on iPad.

Vice president Colin Smith and marketing director Lydia Heitman give us their views.

Pocket Gamer: How will iPad change the portable gaming market?

Lydia Heitman: I'm incredibly excited at the possibility of being able to navigate through a gaming world that's bigger, more detailed, and more powerful. To interact with that in a larger, more tactile manner adds a stronger connection with the game, so I would bank on in-depth, longer, less arcade-style games. To get console-length RPGs and crazy detailed strategy games would be amazing.

Also people who don't have a large TV or space for consoles will be able to invest their time and effort in more graphic and gameplay-rich games.

What game ideas does it inspire?

Colin Smith: The main thing is the beautiful big screen combined with Apple's touch user interface. As good as a platform for gaming as the iPhone and iPod touch are (and they are), some games just lend themselves to a larger screen. Any game where there are multiple units, or a map to explore will especially be a better experience. Also the more high end, cinematic games will benefit directly from iPad's more immersive screen size.

The tablet has the technology to be a great gaming device, so it's up to the game developers to see it with fresh eyes and make great games for it.

What most impresses you about iPad?

SM: High ceilings on available system memory and storage.

Strong GPU including support for high end 3D graphics, shaders etc

An App Store for seamless distribution.

Do you have any reservations about iPad?

SM: We'll have to see how it changes the console or gaming market as a whole, which could take some time. In addition, as people are trying to feel out something new, as with any new technology, changes can always be difficult at first.

Thanks to Lydia and Colin for their time.

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