Namco Bandai's Jonathan Kromrey says the Amazon Appstore is becoming a force du jour

Now all it needs is IAP and Game Center

Namco Bandai's Jonathan Kromrey says the Amazon Appstore is becoming a force du jour
Namco Bandai has always been a strong supporter of Android, gaining high profile iOS licences such as Flight Control and Crush the Castle for release on the platform.

It's also a launch partner for the Amazon Appstore for Android, with six releases to-date including, of course, Pac-Man.

We caught up with Jonathan Kromrey, Namco Bandai Games America's executive producer, mobile, to get his opinion on the new appstore and the wider opportunities for Android gaming.

PocketGamer: Why do you think the Amazon Appstore is important?

Jonathan Kromrey: With the launch of its cloud music service aimed squarely at Android devices, Amazon is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything on your Android mobile device. While currently only available in the US, we're looking forward to when it's released globally with integrated billing and huge brand recognition.

The Amazon Appstore is becoming a force du jour for Android and bringing it inline for direct competition with other existing app stores.

Does the ability of Amazon to change the price of your games without your permission worry you?

With special partnerships and promotions between Namco Bandai Games America and Amazon, this is a great way to attract traffic to the service.

What features do you hope Amazon will add to its appstore in future?

We hope for frequent updates to meet the demand from our players, support for in-app purchases, and a system like Apple's Game Center, with real-time multiplayer server support.

More generally, what's your opinion about the opportunities now available within the wider Android ecosystem?

We're very excited about the Amazon Appstore for Android. Google is making the ecosystem more and more accessible to the masses, which allows us to create an increasingly more robust and integrated experience for our customers.

As the platform matures, we believe we will see an explosion in business opportunities extending beyond what we know today as the traditional mobile model.

Thanks to Jonathan for his time.

You can check out Namco Bandai's portfolio on the Amazon Appstore here.
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