Itsmy Games' CEO Antonio Vince Staybl on how HTML5 will shift casual games to mobile

And how Project Spartan will add social functionality

Itsmy Games' CEO Antonio Vince Staybl on how HTML5 will shift casual games to mobile
Although it looks like Facebook has now delayed its Project Spartan reveal to a separate event, on the eve of its F8 conference, we thought we'd ask some of the companies in the vanguard of the mobile-social-browser revolution what they thought about all thing HTML5.

Here are the responses from CEO of itsmy games, Antonio Vince Staybl.

How important do you think HTML5, and by extension technology such as Facebook's Project Spartan, will be for mobile gaming?

Antonio Vince Staybl: HTML5 will shift casual games from online to mobile web, and Spartan will finally add the social functionalities to them.

Do you think Project Spartan will mean Facebook becomes a much more significant part of the mobile gaming ecosystem?

Definitely. It has to, because if Google uses its power and knowledge of Android, it could beat Facebook in the area of social gaming.

What, specifically, is your company doing in this area?

We develop yummie HTML5 social and casual games and distribute them as mobile web apps

App stores have been incredibly good distribution networks so do you think the rise of web technology will reduce their importance, or can both types of distribution prosper?

Short-term, they will push each other. Long-term, they will merge.

Do you think the rise of HTML5 will impact Apple's position as the most powerful mobile gaming OS?

In the short-term, no. In the long-term, no.

Thanks to Antonio for his time.

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